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Zurich – A Fascinating City

Zurich is the state capital of Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland and the richest city in Europe. It is located north of the Alps, at the northwest end of lake Zurich, and at the mouth of the limmat river with lake Zurich. Let’s take a look at some of Zurich’s tourist attractions.


1. Lake Zurich is a famous ice-eroded lake in Switzerland, with an elevation of 406 meters and a crescent shape. The bank slopes gently, with vineyards and orchards, and looks south over the Alps. Whether you are walking around the lake or taking a boat ride, you can enjoy the scenery. Lake Zurich is a very beautiful place. Along the Banks of the river are medieval pebble paths for walking, swimming, picnics, sunbathing and boat trips. There are a lot of water birds in the lake, the lake also set up a special science board for people to identify the water birds, swans, wild ducks and so on from time to time will swim to the shore to visitors to eat. In front of lake Zurich is buckley square. Every weekend, there is a flea market. It is very lively.


2. Banhoff street is located on the west side of limmat river, extending from Zurich railway station to brackley square on lake Zurich, with a total length of about 1.3 kilometers. It is one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world, along with New York’s fifth avenue, and a must-see for anyone visiting Zurich. Shopping paradise class hoff street is the center of the real treasure land in Zurich, in the full of lush banyan trees tree-lined boulevards, was full of such as Chanel, Ferragamo, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani, such as the world’s top luxury shops, there are other popular logo high-quality goods store, each big famous brand clock and watch, jewelry design, antique appraisal company and department stores. This is the holy land of world famous brands. Almost every noble brand and product you can imagine can be found here. When it comes to discounts, many big-name brands offer discounts you can’t imagine. The world business center is also a world-renowned business center. Known as the “Wall Street of Switzerland”, banhoff street houses more than 200 Banks from all over the world. Ten of the world’s largest Banks have a place here, including Zurich bank, which appears in many movies.


3. Zurich is a very modern city, but the old part of the city center is well preserved. Many elegant and beautiful old buildings are scattered along the cobblestone stone road in the old city, and the whole city is filled with a nostalgic atmosphere. Standing on the Banks of the limmat river, one can easily see the three main landmarks of the old city: the basilica, st. Peter’s church and the church of our lady. In addition to the primitive appearance, most of the old buildings in the old city have been converted into trendy restaurants and bars, which are popular with tourists. In addition, there are many odd-looking but good-priced hotels in the old town. Personality cafes, bookstores, gift shops and so on also abound, can be in this depth tour.


4. Zurich cathedral stands on the Banks of the limmat river, in the distance with the church of our lady. Its distinctive twin towers have become a symbol of Zurich, combining Romanesque, post-gothic and neo-gothic architectural styles. Zurich cathedral was built by the famous Carl the great. After being rebuilt in the 11th to 13th century, you can see the statue of Carl the great sitting on the south tower with a sword. The underground chapel and the choir seat are the older parts of the existing church, dating from the late 11th and early 12th centuries, and still decorated with frescoes.


5. The Swiss national museum is located on the north side of Zurich station. It is modeled after the gate of baden. This is the most comprehensive display of Swiss culture from prehistoric civilization to modern times, and the exhibits of medieval and prehistoric civilizations are well worth seeing. There are four major exhibitions in the Swiss museum, namely history exhibition, gallery exhibition, Swiss household exhibition and medieval knight culture exhibition. Among them, the medieval knight culture is quite interesting, showing weapons, flags, uniforms, altar paintings, religious ornaments and so on. Also interesting is the furniture exhibition, which recreates rooms, furniture and decorations from the 16th and 17th centuries, stained glass, textiles, and blue-collar clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Zurich’s attractions are much more than that, so let’s get moving.

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