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Yunnan Baishuitai, Just Like A Fairyland On Earth

China’s yunnan province also has a cotton fort, a secret area called “white water table”. The water table is divided into eight scenic spots, among which the “fairy land” is the most amazing. There is no sign of artificial carving here, but a complete formation of the image of a terrace. Thanks to a great chemical reaction, you have to marvel at the marvelous workmanship of nature.


The calcium carbonate in the spring water is precipitated and condensed under the action of the sun, and continuously covers the ground, and finally forms a jagged, well-strewn terraced pool, whose water shows a refreshing blue under the influence of minerals.

Baishitai is located in shangri-la, yunnan province, 100 kilometers away from shangri-la. Up the historic wooden walkway to the mesa, the colorful pools pile up and connect with each other like pearls scattered among them: like a frozen waterfall. Although not the majestic flow, but do not have a moving soul.


On the stone slab of different shapes, between the rock walls, there is a silent and silent spring water flowing gently and softly, with a little bit of cool in silence. Climb to the top of the mountain, the line of sight will suddenly open, surrounded by the mountains, in the green and bright green set off, the white pool is more dazzling.

On its left, there is a pool of color like a crescent moon, sprinkling a pool of bright, it is said that the fairy is here dressing. Looking to the left, a stone shaped like a pregnant woman was seen where the local inhabitants worshipped the fertility god. It is said that in the middle of the 11th century, the patriarch shiluo lubai grotto practiced and preached. He led his disciples to write the dongba scriptures in hieroglyphics for the first time, which gradually became a treasure house of ancient naxi culture with the development of history. On the eighth day of the second month of the lunar calendar, members of the naxi dongba sect make pilgrimages to the site. It is the birthplace of the naxi dongba religion, where religious activities and ethnic festivals are often held.


Nature has gone through many vicissitudes with perseverance and patience, and carved it carefully. The water in the white pool is rippling with water from year to year. The holy land still calls the noble yearning of the naxi people from generation to generation. The flower that grows up gradually also changes slowly, and the years flow bit by bit.

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