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Would You Like To Experience Venice’s Romantic Underwater Bookstore?

Venice Libreria Acqua Alta is a bookstore located in the waterside city of Venice. It’s more a cross between a flea market and a library than a bookstore. Being near the water gives the still bookstore a touch of inspiration.


LibreriaAcqua Alta bookstore may be the only bookstore in the world that’s underwater. The store, whose name translates as “high water bookstore,” is located along Venice’s canals, and its staff must have a certain amount of storage capacity to prevent blisters. Every so often, when a flood hits, the boss puts on rubber boots and moves the books from the tub and floor to the high shelves.

Besides, in order to avoid the rising water, the owners put the books into the boats and bathtubs to protect them from moisture. The ships and cisterns are filled with second-hand atlases, dictionaries, art books, biographies and history books.


The bookstore is divided by a few scattered rooms with a slightly cluttered layout and furnishings, but there are unique bookshelves: kayaks, canoes, gondolas, storage tanks. But these are not just ornaments.acqua Alta, in Italian, is a reference, especially, to the tide that occasionally floods the historic heart of Venice.

LibreriaAcqua Alta features classic American and Italian books on traditional Venetian gondolas. But there’s nothing more amazing than the back of the bookstore, which opens to the beautiful canal. Of course, the store is also well known for its rich collection of art and postcards.


Libreria AcquaAlta is, by many accounts, the best-loved used bookstore in the city, with couches full of cats, old gondolas and bathtubs piled high with Italian, English and German books.

Here, books are not just products for people to buy, they are also real furniture in the store. For example, these old encyclopedias, which no one would buy, were used as “bricks” to make the entrance steps or the parapets of the outer courtyard colorful.


Owner Luigi Frizzo opened the shop more than a decade ago and is increasingly popular with locals and tourists alike. The location, setting and atmosphere of the bookstore are indispensable factors for high popularity, but the abundance of foreign language books also makes a great contribution.

New books account for 60 percent of the store, and books are displayed roughly in different rooms. In the first room, you will find a wide variety of books on Venice, in addition to photography, art, sports and food. The other room features comics and bestsellers.

The fact that such a place has transcended the definition of a shop to become one of the iconic sights of downtown Venice will give it a longer life.

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