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Winter Travel Tips

1. Outdoor tourism in winter, human body exposed parts or peripheral parts of the skin for a long time by cold and wet stimulation, may appear on the skin erythya accompanied by abnormal feelings, serious can develop into blisters, ulcers. If you stay in the cold for too long, not only will the skin damage, but also may cause systemic disease. In a cold environment, the incidence of heart disease, stroke, influenza, frostbite, arthritis and other diseases will increase significantly. In winter tourism, low temperature and humidity, high pressure, wind speed of the weather is very common. Data shows, air temperature plummets or in cold environment suddenly, often can cause coronary heart disease, cerebral apoplexy wait for cardiac cerebral vascular disease. When the temperature drops from zero to below zero, the number of people caught cold in the short term will increase sharply, including some young people. Chronic bronchitis may also recgress in cold, dry climates.


2.In order to prevent frostbite, it is important to keep warm clothing. Outermost clothing should be windproof. Woolen, fur or leather clothing is optional. Down jacket can form a relatively stagnant air layer, heat preservation is very good, is the first choice for winter tourism clothing. Underwear to soft, moisture absorption, breathable, to benefit moisture, dry. Want to reduce skin to expose a place as far as possible, the place that produces chilblain easily, it is necessary to move often or massage.


3.If you want to travel in winter from the harm of the cold climate, enhance their ability to withstand the cold is essential. Adjusting diet and increasing body metabolism is an effective way to improve body heat production capacity. In fact, the human body in the cold environment to maintain the body temperature, it must increase metabolism, together with tourism to consume a lot of physical energy, only increase the intake of nutrients to meet the human body needs. In the diet of winter tourist, protein, carbohydrate and adipose 3 big nutriment and mineral, vitamin absorb amount to want to exceed normally, cannot emphasize the intake amount that limits adipose and carbohydrate too excessively as usual. Lean meat, eggs, fresh fish, soy products, animal liver to add human calories is very good, can be appropriate to eat more. In addition, to correct the wrong concept of drinking warm. Alcohol and water cannot produce heat, contrary, alcohol can stimulate the blood vessel of body surface, make body surface blood circulation increases, the person feels “calorific”, actually human body is losing quantity of heat.


4. People suffering from coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, from the health factors, should not travel in the winter season, encounter strong wind, fog, snow and other bad weather, weak people should not go out to travel, otherwise the gain is not worth the loss.

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