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When You Go To Eni Island In The Philippines, You Probably Realize That This Is The Last Heaven On Earth

There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines. In addition to long beach, mint, cebu and duma gedi, which are under siege by tourists, there are also many hidden islands with beautiful scenery and first-class diving.


It has been named “Asia’s best beach resort” by national geographic for three years in a row and ranked no. 1 in conde nast traveler’s “20 most beautiful beaches in the world”. In April 2015, it was rated as one of the world’s 12 coolest shaped islands. Now, it has become the first choice for tourists. Unique natural landscapes, wildlife reserves, and countless fish species can be found on eni island. Manta rays are a common sight. In the right season, divers can see one of the world’s rarest Marine mammals -the sea cow, known locally as the dugong.


Accommodation is readily available and there are two resorts -Miniloc island and lagen island.
Miniloc island sits in a hollow surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs. And lagen island is the most luxurious resort in the region, located in the lush tropical rain forest, with magnificent bay scenery and unique sunset on eni island. Each resort has its own unique charm, can provide the same quality of service, meet the needs of customers, to ensure that every tourist away from trouble, have a rich experience.


Eni island boasts a diverse ecosystem of tropical rain forests, mangroves, white beaches, coral belts, and limestone reefs. It is also known for its hidden lagoons, palm forests, and cruising off the coast.


The climate of eni can be divided into two seasons: hot and dry from December to may, and rainy from June to November. April and may are the driest, while August often sees heavy rain. The winds are northeast from December to march, with occasional northerly winds from December to February. On the other hand, southwesterly winds will blow from June to October, while moderate easterly winds will be felt in April and may. Surface temperatures average as low as 22 degrees Celsius and as high as 33 degrees Celsius. January is the coolest month, while April and may are the hottest months. The tide is calmer and the waves are light, so deep divers and snorkelers can swim back to the boat more easily. Since the weather is 22 to 33 ℃, it is recommended that you wear light clothes.

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