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What Kind Of City Is Ottawa, The Capital Of Canada?

Canada has always attracted many immigrants due to its good environment, high security and proximity to the United States, and has been firmly ranked among the traditional immigrant countries. Before immigration, people usually consider which city to settle in, except Toronto, vancouver and oakville. In fact, Ottawa is also a very good choice.


Ottawa may not be the best and largest city in Canada, but as the capital Ottawa is not economically weak. A typical western term is “government economy” or “capital economy,” and Ottawa is both. Almost all activities related to the economy are related to the government. There are 98,000 federal civil servants in Ottawa, accounting for 29% of the total workforce. Replacing the traditional wood and pulp industries with smokeless government services is the Canadian government’s biggest achievement, transforming Ottawa from a “cold capital” into one of the most livable cities with clean air and beautiful scenery.

Instead of fluctuating temperatures like other cities in winter, Ottawa is blanketed in cold from beginning to end until the following spring. The only thing immigrants to Ottawa can’t get used to is the minus tens of degrees in winter.But because of the snow and ice, the famous Winter Carnival takes place in the dead of Winter, with colorful skating costumes flowing across the frozen rido river. In parks along the rideau river, ingenious ice sculptures stand for viewing.


If you can stand loneliness, if you are independent, if you like art, if you are at ease, then Ottawa must be a good place to learn. As the capital, Ottawa has the university of Ottawa and carleton university. It is located on the bank of rido river, with beautiful scenery and outstanding academic achievements. The university of Ottawa is the oldest bilingual university in Canada and the largest in the world. Carleton university’s media program is well known throughout Canada.

Ottawa is Canada’s cultural and arts center, home to most of the country’s national cultural institutions, as well as six excellent museums. The national arts centre, known as Canada’s “cultural showcase”, showcases some of the world’s finest troupes and artists. The national museum of Canada, known for its collection of Indian and Eskimo cultural records; The national gallery is a veritable “palace of art”; The Ottawa museum of human beings and the museum of natural science with two ancient castles can learn the knowledge of paleontological sites, human evolution and celestial evolution. With 500,000 visitors a year, the museum of science and technology is the pride of Ottawa. In addition, there are military history war museums and people’s war memorials that describe Canada as more than a sword.


It is said that queen Victoria liked the landscape paintings in Ottawa, so she picked the city. Perhaps some people think it is very village, without the flowers of vancouver, but here with Canada’s solemn parliament hill and solemn royal guard. It is a city with important transportation links to Toronto, Montreal and the United States.

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