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What Is The Attraction Of Mauritius?

The scenery of Mauritius is particularly beautiful. There are not only attractive beaches, but also a variety of birds for you to watch in the jungle. You can also go cycling in the jungle. You can take a boat to float on the sea, to enjoy the blue island, you can also walk in the beautiful botanical garden sightseeing. No matter where you go, every part of this place will surprise you.


For Mauritius, a small island, the scenery is exceptionally rich, as if you can touch the scenery here, in short, Mauritius is a mysterious country that can be harvested with the smallest exploration. If one of your biggest feelings is that the butler service at the hotel is good, you need to go again. The sky is so blue and the temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius. How comfortable it was to lie in the sun on the white beach.

You may not believe it, but when you stay in this place for a long time, there will come a time when you will be disgusted by the static beauty and want to experience the exciting sports. So Mauritius not only has beautiful scenery, delicious food and all kinds of leisure, but also has all kinds of exciting activities. Here, there are gentle paths and steep paths leading to the top of the hill; You can go scuba diving in the sea, and there’s a lot of fish, about 300 species of fish, and you can swim with them and touch their skin every now and then; You can also go surfing on a surfboard and feel the excitement brought by the wind and waves here. You can also take a boat to explore the mysterious canyon; You can also ride a horse to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, there are too many places to play, and the activities to experience are also colorful.
Many couples come to Mauritius for their honeymoon, and the hotels here are especially luxurious. They offer everything from butlers and private fitness pools to in-room massages, including pillows at a reasonable price, and luxurious spa treatments. However, these services can be quite expensive and will exceed your budget. Don’t cancel your trip because of this. Not all the hotels here are luxurious. There are also small hotels, family-run hotels, and even hotels where you can cook your own meals.


In Mauritius, you can play anything. You can play on the sea, on the land and in the air. Skydiving, airplane sightseeing, seaside horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, and other adventures to the south 4wd, a variety of land projects for you to enjoy. Especially Mauritius in winter, the weather here is particularly cool, the most suitable. In the south, an area with a relatively small population in Mauritius, only a few villagers live in the mountains. There is almost no business in this place, where you can enjoy the adventure of four-wheel-drive vehicles. In some remote mountains in the south, there are many four-wheel-drive vehicles. The four-wheel-drive drives past the beautiful big wave bay, through a vast sugar-cane field, and past the famous rochester falls.

This place also has the most gorgeous colorful land in the world. If you think about it, even the land is colorful. How beautiful it is! When you stand high, you can see the slope extending in all directions. You can clearly see seven colors, such as red, green and purple. There are many large tortoises on the slopes of the seven colors of the earth. They can carry a five or six year old child around. Just playing in the south can consume a lot of your time.


Mauritius here every place has its own unique color, in the world so much of the island, Mauritius has its unique light shining, top beaches, rich entertainment facilities, the genial sunshine, agreeable climate, etc., feeling every bit of Mauritius is worth a look, so many people come here every year now. Its beauty will make you linger, its beauty will make you intoxicated, its beauty will make you even dream of it.

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