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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To In Desert Tourism?

Some people will want to experience the thrill of crossing the desert and feel the endless sand. If you think about it, you will feel beautiful, but the desert is not the same as the plains and mountains.


1, naturally it is sunscreen. The desert is large in size and lacks obstructions. The sun will appear in the sky. Strong sunlight will also make you nowhere to escape. If you don’t pay attention, you may be black and even have the danger of sunburn and burns. So sunscreens, hats, dust-proof sunscreens, and long thin sleeves are all needed.

2, the storage camera sealed bag. There are sand everywhere in the desert. Whether it is the wind or the play, the sand is picked up. The sand particles are small and large, and it is easy to drill into the phone, inside the camera or inside the case, it is difficult to clean, and it is also very easy to scratch the screen.

3, with a cushion that can sit down and change shoes. Really practical. Running barefoot in the desert is a very happy thing. On the contrary, walking in shoes will only get more and more heavy, and the shoes are all sand, sand and sand. So I can only take off my shoes. It’s enough to play, and it’s enough. When you need to change shoes, if you don’t have such a clean mat, the sand will never be able to get rid of it.

4, there must be attention to camel thorns, it is really impossible to prevent. Most of these plants are visible, but some are buried in the sand. If you accidentally stab your feet, people tell you that it is really painful. So be careful when playing barefoot.


5, the desert overnight, of course, with a thick coat or thick blanket. As we all know, the desert has a large temperature difference between day and night. After sunset and evening, the weather is very cold and it will be very cold at night, so be sure to prepare a slightly thicker clothes.


6, must not leave the team without authorization, this is very important. Unlike the plains, the desert is too big, and the climate is changeable. The direction is difficult to distinguish. There is no signal. Once lost, it is likely to endanger life. Therefore, don’t leave the team alone.

7, don’t be red bags, because the camel is too sensitive to this color, it may suddenly go crazy. When riding a camel, you should also hug the camel or the hump, and try to sit as naturally as possible so as not to fall.

8. If you want to explore or cross, you must have enough drinking water, food and emergency equipment. The lack of water and food in the desert is the most basic common sense. It is possible to bring a larger kettle, flashlight, wide tape, mirror, plastic bag, dagger, etc., which may have an unexpected effect. After entering the desert, you must start drinking water. Even if you are not thirsty, you should drink it with a small mouth to prevent dehydration.

9. Don’t arbitrarily provoke small animals in the desert. Many of them are dangerous.

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