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Waitomo Glowworm Cave, North Island, New Zealand

Waitomo Cave, also known as the Waitomo Cave, is located in the Waitomo Cave area of waikato, New Zealand, and is famous for its underground Cave phenomenon. Beneath the surface, limestone formations form a vast system of caverns, decorated with various stalactites and stalagmites, as well as fireflies.


Some caves are open to visitors, others are used by experts for research. It is fascinating to sit on a bamboo raft and walk through the dark caves to see the waitomo underground cave. Sitting alone on the bamboo raft river rafting anywhere. You can also take a guided cruise. Other local activities include horseback riding, quad bikes and jet boats. With a population of about 9,500, it has visitor centers, various accommodations and cafes, and limited shopping outlets.

Activity here is a very rare rock caves, the caves formed about fifteen thousand years ago, the mountains of the original to the cave is a small lake have been frozen, afterwards because of climate change, snow and ice is receding, into the bottom of the calcareous rock cracks, erosion gradually into a cave, for producing s is still young, there are water flow in the cave, and the cave is still under expansion, therefore is called active caves.


Under the cave due to the water alluvial hard black stone, resulting in such as the ball of smooth black stone in the hole, is lovely, but these natural stones are forbidden to take, visitors must not act arbitrarily. The cave has an opening above and below, which attracts many insects to breed inside. Among them, insects like fireflies, like spiders, are the strangest residents of the cave. The glow-worm, with its beaded sliver after sliver, and the blue glow from its tail, clung to the depths of the cave like a star-studded scene.

To visit the glowworm cave, you have to take a 30-minute boat ride from tiana to the other side. You still have to take a boat to get close to the cave. Visitors can take a human-powered boat to circle the dark caves and enjoy the starry spectacle of the glowworm cave.


There are a few special rules for visiting the glowworm cave: stalactites and stalagmites will lose their color by touch and destroy their fragile structure. They must be cherished and never touched by hand. In the firefly cave cave must keep quiet, especially when riding a gondola to watch fireflies, do not frighten the ecological environment of the fireflies; Finally, for the safety of every visitor, there is a complete ban on smoking, cameras and video recorders are prohibited at all times, and we must follow the team to take care of the guide to avoid accidents in the wet and black firefly cave.

Firefly cave is such a natural and precious sight, it is very necessary for every visitor to protect and maintain the firefly cave, so that more people can enjoy and experience the glowworm, one of the wonders of the world.

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