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Visit The Pink City Of Jaipur, India

India has four cities: the pink city of jaipur, the blue city of jodhpur, the white city of udaipur, and the farthest golden city from Delhi, jeser ilmer. The pink city of jaipur is the most popular destination for foreign tourists.

Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state of rajasthan, as well as economic and administrative center, plus because it is very close to Delhi, Delhi, agra, jaipur form a tourism golden triangle, three distance less than 300 kilometers, coupled with a high speed, which is convenient to each other, so the jaipur to tourism to build very seriously in recent years, and jaipur and other ancient city of India, jaipur has a good urban planning and broad street, straight to three hundred years ago, the royal sarwar and genius of jaipur, jay, singh ii. Jaipur is outside the old city and the new, and the old city is pink, so most of the tourist attractions are in the old city.


The most famous is the “the palace of winds, the hive of palace and chic appearance, has 953 Windows, the Windows of the honeycomb into half of the octagonal, because the design is clever, can the wind through the window to wear, and the influence of the wind will not, at a time when many princess palace can through these Windows overlooking the street, without being outside of maharaja man see appearance, hence this palace is the place of tourists will go. There is also the city palace and observatory, which is very close to the palace of the wind and can be reached within 10 minutes by foot. The city palace has many Indian folk songs and dances, where visitors can sing and dance with the music.


Outside the city there is an old castle, the amber castle. On the way to the amber fort, you can also overlook the temple of water, a flooded temple that is not open at ordinary times. Amber fort is the palace of the ancient king of fan, built on a mountain called amber, you can ride an elephant up the mountain, walk for more than ten minutes can also arrive. The amber castle is magnificent, the most famous of which is the glass palace built in 1675. The palace walls are set with countless small mirrors, which are very beautiful.


In the village at the foot of the amber fort, there is a large scale step well, which used to be the place where local people used to draw water. It became famous because many films were made here, but now it is also protected by the government. Tourists are no longer allowed to step on the steps, but can only visit around the water well platform.

In the evening, you can also enjoy a bollywood movie at jaipur’s RAJ MANDIR cinema, which is no less than the international luxury cinema, once rated one of the top 10 cinemas in the world. With the appearance of the local star in the movie, the cheering, clapping and whistling of the Indian people followed. Generally, Indian movies are made in 2-3 hours, with a 15-minute break in the middle.

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