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Venice Floods Hit Tourism Industry, Canceling 45 Percent Of Hotel Orders

In November, Venice, the world’s most famous water city, was hit by severe flooding. After the flood there was a slump in Venice’s tourist industry. The Venice hotel association says hotel occupancy in Venice has fallen nearly 50 percent since the start of December.

Venice, Italy, is reported to have suffered its worst flooding in 53 years since mid-november. For more than a week, Venice’s water level exceeded 1.5 meters and peaked at 1.87 meters on Nov. 12, forcing the city to declare a state of emergency.

Vittorio bonacini, President of the Venetian hotel association, said hotel occupancy in the city had dropped to its lowest level ever since the disaster, with cancellations reaching 45 percent in the past 30 days.


Bonassini said tourists were canceling trips to Venice because the media coverage of the flood was so emotional and negative that they imagined it would be worse than it actually was.

Bonasini stressed that recently, Venice hotel association and tourism departments have received a number of tourists from the United States, Oceania and some Asian countries to inquire about the phone, more tourists are concerned and ask, Venice more than a deep tide, whether the youth travel safety, pose a potential threat and have a certain degree of danger.


Mr Bonassini said many tourists were concerned about the safety of their trips to Venice, fearing that a tide of more than a metre would endanger them. In fact, the average Venetian city is more than one meter above sea level, such as a 1.3-meter tide, and Venice’s old town is only 30 centimeters of water.

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