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Vatican – The Closest Place To Heaven

Vatican Catholics follow the canon. In international occasions, a handshake is adopted, which adopts the internationally accepted title: the man is called “Mr.”, and the woman is called “Mrs.”, “Miss”, “Ms.” The daily life of the Vatican nationals has a strong religious color. On Sundays, Catholics gather in St. Peter’s Square. At 12 noon, as the church bell rang, the pope appeared in the middle window of St. Peter’s Cathedral and gave a speech to the believers. The Vatican’s Swiss Guards hold an oath of rituals in the San Damaso House on May 6th every year, mourning the pledges that have remained unchanged for more than four centuries, praying that God will bless him to successfully complete his mission and loyalty to the Pope to give his life. The Vatican is located on the high ground of the west bank of the Tiber River in the northwest of the Italian capital of Rome. It is marked by the Vatican City Wall as a national border. It has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with an average temperature of 7 °C on January and 24 °C on July.


Let’s take a look at what the Vatican has to offer.

1.St. Peter’s Basilica is the most magnificent Catholic church in the world. The church is made of stone arches. The exterior is decorated with ashwa stone. The interior is decorated with various colors of marble. It is decorated with rich mosaics, murals and carvings. Most of them are from famous people. hand. Above the top of the dome, the upper altar of the Pope is the bronze cast of the Bernini, an important work of Baroque art. In the chapel on the right side of the hall, Michelangelo’s famous sculpture “Mourning Christ” is displayed. Built over 200 years ago, St. Peter’s Basilica is the culmination of the wisdom of many artists, engineers and laborers. It is the largest church in the world and an monument to the Italian Renaissance.



2.Anyone who has been to Rome may have been to the Vatican Museums, just as anyone who has been to Beijing has been to the Forbidden City. The Vatican Museums, also known as the Vatican Museum of Art, are rich in collections, from ancient carvings, church sacred objects to paintings from the early 20th century. The Vatican Museum is the center of the Catholic Church’s collection of art treasures, and is a world-class famous art museum. It was remodeled from a part of the Vatican Palace, which was built in 150 years, and houses masterpieces from ancient times to modern times, especially the masterpieces of Renaissance art. For example, in the Sistine Chapel, there are the final judgments of the frescoes by Michelangelo and the zenith painting Genesis. In the signature room, there are fine murals such as the “Athens Academy” by Rafael and the Banasu period. There are also paintings by Renaissance masters such as F, Angelico, S Botticelli, Perugino, D. Gelandayo. The Asylum·Crayman Museum specializes in the display of classical statues. The Greek and Roman masterpieces “Apollo of the Viewing Building” and “Okon” are displayed here.



The museum’s library contains tens of thousands of manuscripts from the original European family, as well as a large collection of books, prints, ancient books, and celebrity manuscripts such as Martin Luther and Michelangelo. . In addition, there are sub-districts such as the Chalamotti Museum, the Gregorian Etruscan Museum and the Egyptian Museum. In addition to sculpture and painting, a large number of dental carvings and gold and silver craft ornaments are displayed. The Vatican Museum is so big that it may be difficult to tell how much treasure it has, wherever it is, it is full of art.

3.The most famous of the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel. As far as the church itself is concerned, the size of the Sistine is far from being comparable to St. Peter’s Cathedral, which is close at hand, and it is difficult to compare with other famous churches in Europe. However, the reputation of Sistine is not comparable to other churches. Than. Because its zenith is drawn from Michelangelo’s hand. Michelangelo not only created his miracles here, but also created miracles in the history of world art.




When you face the art itself and taste the historical emotions hidden in it, no matter who you are, you will think about it. On the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, the moment of the panoramic view of Rome, for the first time, I am deeply proud of being a human being. In the eyes of non-Christians, the Vatican is an art holy place.If you rush in, you will be too disheartened by the beauty of the Vatican. Need a calm, clear state of mind, and walk slowly on the streets where the medieval style is preserved.

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