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Uzbekistan — A Different Place

Uzbekistan can be called a pearl on the silk road. Experience the wonderful coexistence of national tradition and modernization in the capital tashkent, travel to samarkand, an important city on the silk road, travel through the once prosperous Persian saman dynasty, the black khan dynasty of Uighur and the kingdom of kalashimu, and rediscover this once unique khanate in shiva region.


There are three places to visit in uzbekistan: tashkent, bukhara and samarkand. It is a showcase of foreign cultures, as well as a witness to history, and a place where ancient buildings gather.


Located in the center of samarkand, the square is a massive complex of seminaries, consisting of three seminaries built between the 15th and 17th centuries. These three buildings are tall, grand and magnificent, with magnificent mosques. They are the classics of central Asian architecture, among which ulugbek seminary is one of the best Muslim universities in the 15th century. Registhan square is a popular place for foreign tourists, as well as local people who come to meet and relax.


Located in the northeast of uzbekistan, shaisinda is one of the most famous tombs in central Asia, consisting of three sets of structures connected by four arched passages. The name shaisinda means “eternal king” and is related to the legend of Kusam ibn Abbas(cousin of Mohammed). Legend has it that he took his head with him and plunged it into a deep well, where he survived.


The largest mosque in tashkent, the hazrati imam mosque in the old city, survived the earthquake and is still intact. Located in the center of the old city, the domed market is tashkent’s most famous farmers’ market. The top of the market is a huge green dome, which is the best place to experience tashkent city life. All kinds of food and food can be found in the market, tourists can also buy a variety of souvenirs here.

Have the opportunity to experience the different customs of uzbekistan!

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