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Travel To Brunei, These 6 Best Places To Go

Brunei is a small, oil-rich country in southeast Asia, but relatively few people visit the country compared to the rest of southeast Asia. If you are planning a trip to brunei, here are 6 places you should visit.

1. Water villages

Located in the old town of bandar seri begawan, the capital of brunei, this is the largest floating village in the world, known as the Venice of the east. Water villages have been around for more than 500 years and offer a glimpse into the real life of the locals.

2. Saifuding mosque

The saifuding mosque is the tallest building in bandar seri begawan because of regulations that new buildings cannot rise above it. Surrounded by lake water, the saifuding mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in southeast Asia, with its white architecture and gold-plated main vault. When brunei is mentioned, the mosque almost always appears in the photo, it almost becomes the symbol of brunei.

3. Bolkiah mosque

The borgia mosque is the largest mosque in brunei, built under the auspices of the current sultan. The mosque combines the majesty of royalty with the serenity of religion, and the interior is magnificent.

4. Nouroiman palace

The palace is the residence of the sultan of brunei, with more than 1,700 rooms, imposing and luxurious. Visit the royal palace every year for eid, the end of brunei’s National Day or Ramadan, which is usually open for three days.

5. Brunei museum
For a comprehensive understanding of brunei’s history and culture, the brunei museum is certainly not to be missed. You can get here from the bus terminal by bus no. 39.

6. Sudan memorial

The sultan’s memorial is the largest private accommodation in the world, with 2,200 rooms for 2,000 guests and a banquet hall for 400 people. It also houses priceless treasures such as jewels and tiaras. The sultan’s memorial is a sumptuous place to see the royal family.

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