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Top 10 Must-See Buildings In Singapore

Architecture Tours are a great way to visit a city. Not only to appreciate the appearance of the building, every building has a wonderful story behind it. Singapore’s architecture, whether modern or classical, reveals a luxurious temperament. Notably, most of these buildings are concentrated in the marina bay and government buildings areas. Located in the heart of Singapore, the area boasts modern skyscrapers and classical British colonial architecture.
1.The fullerton hotel

Fullerton hotel is a famous cultural and historical building at home and abroad. Located on the Banks of the Singapore river, you can also enjoy the sculptures of “the people of the river”.
2. Binhai art center

The appearance resembles the complex eye of a fly, and makes the locals nicknamed “durian shell”, which is probably the diversity of architectural art. There are often free performances in the evening at the outdoor theatre of the binhai art centre. Don’t miss them if you come across them.
3. Armenian church, Singapore

It’s a small church. Walking through the lush gardens and down the gravel road into the church, the grand interior is truly awe-inspiring. There are also many attractions around, such as the museum of philately, peranakan museum, and fukang ning park.
4. Singapore news and arts building

The old xi street police station, which was built in 1934, consists of xi street police station and barracks. It is also known as the “rainbow building” because of its bright colors. In addition to the news and art department building, there are many galleries in the building, which have a super artistic atmosphere.
5.Praise plaza

Praise plaza is a neo-classical building that was originally thought to be a church, but is actually home to many of Singapore’s finest dining and entertainment venues. Nearby attractions include the raffles hotel, the Armenian church and the Singapore art museum.
6. Marina bay sands hotel

Planned by Safdie architects in the United States, the hotel, shopping center and convention center are currently a new landmark in Singapore. The “infinity pool” in the hanging gardens has long been a destination for many visitors.
7. The spiral bridge

Borrowing the structure of DNA, however, the design is more inspired by the Yin and Yang theory of Asian culture, which is said to bring wealth, happiness and prosperity to marina bay, symbolizing Singapore’s “endless life”. At night, when the lights come on, they are gorgeous.
8. St. Andre’s church, Singapore

St. Andre’s church is renowned as one of the most precious architectural masterpieces in Singapore. It was completed in 1857, so it has a strong neo-gothic architectural style. In 1973, it was listed as a national historical site and protected as a key point.
9. Singapore’s old parliament building

The old parliament building was built in 1827. In 2004, the Capitol was converted into the arts house, a complex for movies and plays, art exhibitions, concerts and more.
10.Jamie went back to church

The Singapore hui church is an architectural marvel with small doors and cross-shaped Windows. It is worth noting that girls can not show their skin and can borrow robes at church.

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