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Tips For Summer Trips

Summer is coming, what do you need to pay attention to during summer travel?


1. When going out, you should choose to wear cotton, linen, silk and other clothing that is good for perspiration. Don’t wear clothes that are too thick and too tight, and don’t wear chemical fiber clothing, so as not to dissipate heat in time.

2.Take your child to the outdoors and avoid the noon moment. At this time, the sun is the strongest and the temperature is the highest. When you visit the sights, try to go out early and rest more. Don’t stay outdoors for too long.

3.In the midsummer, you must drink 2 liters of water a day. If you sweat too much, you should increase your drinking water. You can add more salt water or mineral water. But don’t drink too much water at a time to avoid poisoning.

4.You should eat less spicy foods and high-protein foods. You can try to eat light foods and eat more vegetables and fruits. Do not eat some corrupt food and fruit outside to prevent food poisoning or diarrhea. Just in case, take some medicine to treat diarrhea.


5.In the summer, the long nights are short, and the travel schedule is rushed, and it is often difficult to guarantee the quality of sleep. However, lack of sleep can cause mental dysfunction, easy to induce heat stroke, even if the journey is rushing, but also to ensure 8 hours of sleep a day, sleep time as much as possible to control sleep at 22 o’clock in the evening, get up at 6 o’clock the next day.

6.Choose a parasol, look at the material, nylon texture, umbrella surface is not light is best; dark umbrella is more UV-proof; sun umbrella also has a sun protection index; umbrella area is large; umbrella posture has a shoulder blade parasol effect .

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