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Tibet – The Paradise On Earth

A place that must go once in a lifetime – Tibet.Tibet is really beautiful.There are some things to be aware of when going to Tibet.

Some people think that they must exercise their body before entering Tibet, but this is a misunderstanding. If you always exercise regularly, you should stop in the first half of your stay in Tibet. The body’s oxygen consumption increases, increasing the burden on the heart, but it is easy to cause altitude sickness.


UV protection, Tibet’s ultraviolet rays are really strong! Sometimes I don’t even wear it, but I don’t want to do sunscreen. I just because I was too lazy to apply sunscreen for a few days. Tibet has a large temperature difference between day and night in summer!

Next, let me introduce you to the attractions of Tibet.

Xining: The starting point of the Qinghai-Tibet line starts from Xining. There are many people here in Islam. They don’t eat pork. Halal food can be seen everywhere here. Respect the culture of the local people. There are many things to eat at the water well lane. They are some local snacks and a variety of pasta. Qinghai Lake is beautiful, the weather is the most comfortable under the blue sky and white clouds.


Lhasa: When the road meets the Tibetans and drives the sheep, they will tease the girls and ask if you want to be a Tibetan wife. I think the Octagon Street is very commercial and it is all tourists. Some sell the Dzi Beads, it is best not to buy it there! Because the dZi beads of some Tibetans were passed down from the previous generation. Jokhang Temple official ticket 188, want to go to the Potala Palace must buy tickets in advance. All tourists have to visit within an hour. The Potala Palace can be seen in almost every corner of Lhasa. Some old people with prayer wheels have a word, and religion is their life.

Mila Snow Mountain: In the snowy mountains at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters, I encountered a rider and walked with oxygen tanks in the absence of oxygen.


Yarlung Zangbo River: Ba Song is the deepest canyon in the world. It has a very clean scenery along the way, stopping and washing the mind.

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