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This Is What Things Look Like In A Village Without Roads

If you had ever enchanted by those lovely magical villages in fairy-tales, go for a visit in village Giethoorn. It truly makes your dreams come true.


Giethoorn was founded around 1230, approximately a thousand years ago. Every morning, the Dutch village stands peacefully in the sunrise, quiet water inflecting trees and sky. Surrounded by canals, all those trees, bridges and sweet houses can easily drag you back to the colorful childish dreams look like Disney Land.


Although it is also named as “Venice of the Netherlands”, Giethoorn is definitely not as crowded and resplendent as you might imagine. The treasure of this village is just the opposite. It is serene, remote and peaceful.


Obviously, the most charming part is the brooky scene all around. It is said that its first inhabitants discovered numerous peat deposits in Giethoorn and dug holes over the years. And finally those holes became plenty of lakes and water is everywhere.


Actually, it seems that settlers here had never left the space for any roads since then. To some extent, this could be the wisest decision ever, and a brave one too. Without roads, this beautiful village is able to get rid of all those modern transportation with polluted gases and noisy engines. Instead, canals replace the roads’ role for transport, with over 180 bridges above them of course. And the most common mode of ‘car’ here is called “whisper boats”, which are equipped with noise-free engines.


The website of the village says,“the loudest sound you can normally hear is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds.” Surely this might be dreams for countless people living in cities.


Moreover, you can have all the fun you want in this incredibly magical village, like boating and visiting around, and skating in the winter on the frozen canals, flying through all the houses and bridges.


So why not go to Netherlands and dive in this fascinating  paradise?







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