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Things You Must Know When You Go To The Philippines

The Philippines is a perfect melting pot of Catholic customs and Islamic traditions, a country where Europe and Asia are combined with many tropical islands. The Philippines shows traces of European influence: from the Spanish hotel menu to the town name. However, the impact of the United States is also huge, and visitors will immediately feel the form of fast food restaurants, pop music and trendy jeep. The Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands, which is why all of the Philippines’ tourist attractions are centered on water and beaches.However, there are many questions to answer before a visitor packs his or her luggage to visit this beautiful country.


When do you travel to the Philippines?
First, you must know which time and season of the year is best for visiting the Philippines. This country has a humid and hot tropical climate with a dry and humid season. The rainy season begins in May and ends in October, caused by the southeast monsoon, while the dry season begins in November and lasts until April. It is recommended to visit during the dry season. January and February are great places to visit and the coolest month of the year. Never make a mistake in visiting the Philippines in March, April or May, because in sunny, wet weather, temperatures may rise to 36 degrees Celsius.

Transportation in the Philippines
We recommend you use jeep and Kavensa because they are perfect for short commutes and you will enjoy these modes without getting bored. However, you must be vigilant when you travel on these vehicles. It is highly recommended that you bargain with the driver before boarding.

When you arrive in the Philippines, you must list the things to do and where to go. There are several places you have to look at, because without them, your visit will still be an incomplete experience. El Niño is known for its rocky rock climbing and stunning beaches. Here you can find dozens of beaches where you can sit and relax while sipping your favorite fruit cocktail. However, during the peak season, they may become overcrowded and the cost of the visit will be a bit high. Cebu City is the most accessible city in the Philippines, as you can find many cheap direct flights from Singapore and Hong Kong. There are many family-focused resorts near the airport. Mactan Island. Boracay is known as the crown jewel of all beaches in the Philippines, and travel guide publications list it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – this is the main reason why it is very popular among tourists. Shopping is a must-do activity in the Philippines. When packing your luggage, buy one more suitcase. Robinson Department Store, SM and Greenhills are all places where you can buy good things. There are many large shopping centers in urban areas such as SM Mall, Ayala Center and Megamall in Asia.


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