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There Is Such A Hello Kitty Museum In Jeju Island, South Korea




The Hello Kitty theme park consists of 3 floors. The 1st and 2nd floors are Hello Kitty House. There are three main themes on the 1st floor. The Kitty History Hall, Kitty’s Home and Kitty’s School record and showcase Kitty’s happy pink day. On the first floor, there are pink, pink castles, princess dresses, Kitty cats and cafes. All the pink elements will make your girl’s heart melt instantly. The Kitty History Museum is located on the left side of the first floor. It shows Kitty’s 40 years of growth. From the birth of the 1974, wearing blue suspenders, the first generation of Kitty with a red bow and the 2013 Alice Kitty. You can also find out what Kitty was like when he was born, and it would make sense to take a photo with it.


On the 2nd floor, various kitty and 12 constellation kitty in traditional costumes of 27 countries are displayed. Various furniture made by Kitty, such as Kitty head dressing table, chair, sofa, bed, etc., are also available. Piece of kitty series dolls. On the 2nd floor, there are also play areas where children can play freely. The children take off their shoes and play in it, giving parents a good chance to take a break.


The 3-story healing space includes a 3D theater and a “roofed courtyard.” The 3D theater is open from 10:00-11:30, open every 30 minutes, and the length of the film is about 8 minutes. No additional money is required. Not only can you enjoy Kitty’s 3D cartoon movies, but you can also interact with them. If you arrange the time reasonably, you can go to the third floor to watch the movie and then play on the ground floor.

The entire museum is in pink style, if you like it, what are you waiting for?

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