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There Are Some Ugly Mermaids On The Island Of Mermaids In Malaysia


In the northwestern state of sabah, Malaysia, there is a small island called “mermaid island”.

In fact, the real name of mermaid island is mantani island, so called because of the manatees that live in the nearby waters.


It has to be said that manatees are a little uglier, but in some places they do bear a resemblance to what people call mermaids. Examples include the breasts of a magnetic manatee, and the tail of a manatee standing in the water.

Mermaid island water quality is very clean and clear, rarely seen on the surface of the garbage and debris. Green, light blue and dark blue water can also be seen from the beach in the distance.


The main attraction of mermaid island is diving. There are 20 diving spots in the island, including the sunken diving spots during world war ii. It is full of coral and very beautiful.

Besides the coral, of course, there are a lot of algae and tropical fish, such as sea slugs, giant salamander, hippocampus, car Qu bei, ð « š ‰ fish, sea dragon fish, devil fish, octopus, glass, etc., and underwater visibility.


One thing to note: mermaid island only has electricity from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., and you can hardly buy anything except coconut milk. Don’t touch underwater animals while diving.

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