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The World’s Most “Mysterious” Tunnel: Access To New Zealand’s Most Beautiful Beaches, Only In The Afternoon

The hidden beach in Dunedin, New Zealand, has attracted most tourists in recent years, and this magical tunnel is the only way to the beach.


Danedin tunnel beach is located in the western suburb of danedin, with a total length of 2.4km and only 5km drive from the city. This trail has the reputation of being one of the best coastal scenery in New Zealand. And the hidden tunnel has a touching local story. It is said that in 1870, the daughter of a sea captain was swept away in the sea, and the captain dug the tunnel inch by inch to commemorate his lost daughter. But what happened was that in 1870, governor William Cargill, in order to give his family a place to live, hired local workers, dug the tunnel, and created this private resort beach.

The beach is certainly attractive, but there are a few important things to keep in mind if you want to get there.


New Zealand is a country with developed animal husbandry. Every year, a large number of dairy products and meat products are exported, and the export volume of crude wool ranks the first in the world. These factors affect the rest of the country. Tunnel beaches are closed during the New Zealand lamb season between August and October, so visitors should avoid this time of year. Another point of particular importance is the time of day when this magical tunnel “disappears”. The descent of the 72 steps makes it easy for the tunnel to disappear into the water at high tide. Every morning the beach is covered with water and the tunnel only leads to the ocean, so the best time to go to the beach is in the afternoon. In addition, the trail of tunnel beach is a little steep, and it takes about an hour to go back and forth. Moreover, it is easy to go to the sea and difficult to go uphill, so you must grasp the time when you go to play.


Tunnel beach, sea line, lush grass around, cliff cliff straight into the sea, and the sea washed out of the stone arch and cave, all are the work of nature. And this magical tunnel is looming, is added to the sense of mystery, in this hot summer, you might as well go to New Zealand to experience the scenery with a different flavor.

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