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The World’s Most Mysterious Sinkhole: The Unfathomable Blue Hole In Croatia

The topography of Croatia is unique, with two of the top ten sinkholes, known as the “red pit” and “blue pit”. These two sinkholes are very famous, and very mysterious, so today we would like to introduce to you this one, is the “blue hole”! Located in the south of Croatia, on the border of bosnia, it looks like a lake but is actually a sinkhole. Because it is blue lake, so everyone also called it blue lake!


How did this amazing landscape come about? Blue pit is actually a lava lake, it is located in the sinkhole should be formed by the collapse of a large cave, the depth of the whole cave can reach more than 200 meters, as for the water level in the blue pit is different all the year round, when spring returns to the earth, it is the deepest water, usually 90 meters deep. At its deepest point in history, it reached 114 meters, and the water spilled over the southern edge. Isn’t that amazing?

The length of the lake is about eight hundred meters, and the width is five hundred meters. Because of the change in water level caused by the temperature change, they will also have a lot of changes, in summer, the lake will be completely dry, that is really only a hole, and in winter, the lake’s situation is better, so if friends want to visit, it is best to choose autumn and winter visit.


The pit is really fascinating, and if you come here, you can go all the way down from the top and enjoy all the different views. The deep blue of the lake will make your heart throb and you can’t help Shouting. With this cry, your voice will echo in the sinkhole, which is a must for every tourist. Before many people in history knew how this deep hole was formed, they often thought it was an entrance to another world, which added a mysterious color to this deep hole.

Croatia is a great place to visit, with soccer and sinkholes, and it’s also a great place to kick off a romantic vacation.

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