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The World’s Greatest Spiral Staircase

Today we are going to introduce some of the most fascinating, magical and dazzling spiral staircases in the world.


1.The spiral staircase in the Vatican museum is the most photographed and most beautiful staircase in the world. Designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, the wide steps are located between the ramps and stairs. The staircase is actually two separate spirals, one at the front and one at the bottom, twisted together in the double helix. The Vatican museum had little idea in 1932 that the formation would represent life itself, discovering the double helix strand of DNA.

2. Another famous set of spiral stairs is the tulip staircase at the queen’s house in Greenwich, England. Like the stairs at Lorretto chapel, they have no central support, but here they are suspended by walls, each step resting on a step below. Built in 1635 and looking very much like an eye, this is the first geometric, self-supporting spiral staircase in England. Although they are called “tulip stairs”, they would better be called the fleurs-de-lis stairs because they are repeated symbols on the iron railings. It is the symbol of the bourbon family of french-born queen Henrietta maria.


3. In the Baron palace, the Belgian industrialist Baron Empain built a beautiful set of spiral wooden stairs woven through its center. One of the best myths about the house – with the usual fare of devil worshippers, ghosts and secret tunnels – is that the entire structure is built on a rotating base, allowing the baron to sit at the center and turn the house around to meet his needs.

4. Spiral staircase of Octagon House

The 1854 octagonal house is made even more stunning by the dizzying spiral staircase. Octagonal houses have an amazing history and are associated with Phrenology, utopian settlers, Victorian health care reform and all sorts of other cool things.
Since octagonal and spiral stairs go together like white and rice, here is another new, but still stunning, octagonal spiral staircase, this time in Roosevelt island, New York.


5.Roosevelt island octagonal

Another of the great historical buildings, this particular octagonal was built in 1841 and was once a lunatic asylum, abandoned before and eventually renovated.
Roosevelt island is one of those hidden pockets in this busy city that is still strange, surprising and full of amazing historical bits. Although there is more information about the island, it can be adapted here, so to speak, for many years it has been a prison, isolation island, hooligan paradise and so on. In all this, the octagonal shape resembles its amazing “flying staircase”.

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