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The Tunnel Of Love In Ukraine — One Of The Most Romantic Attractions

The tunnel of love, one of Ukraine’s most romantic attractions, attracts romantics and honeymooners from around the world. It is believed that couples can make a wish together in the tunnel of love. If they truly love each other, it will help you win everlasting love.


The tunnel of love is part of the industrial railway near the Ukrainian town of craven, which connects to orzhv, a railway surrounded by green arches. Dense trees form a green archway, a dramatic thoroughfare that attracts many couples and photographers to visit and take photos.


The line starts at craven station on the KeaveRiver line and reaches the northern part of orzhv. Close to orzhv, it divides the line into two. One went to craven, the other to a secret military base hidden in the forest. During the cold war, trees were planted alongside tracks to hide the transport of military equipment. The military base may still be in use, as the Google map shows a large number of military vehicles at the base. The whole railway line is about 6.4 km long, about 4.9 km covered by forest, and the arched tunnel extends from 3 km to 4.9 km from the craven station, which is about 1.9 km long.


How does the arched corridor of love tunnel form? Every day, several trains of goods pass through the leafy secret railway, which is constantly “pruned” by shuttle trains to make arched corridors on both sides of the hidden railway.

From the middle of may to the end of October every year, love tunnel on both sides of the leafy branches, branches intertwined, forming the tunnel of love “wall and ceiling”, love tunnel inside the green, arched tunnel is very romantic, this period of time is the best season to enjoy the green beauty of the tunnel of love.


From the middle of September to the middle of October, the leaves on both sides of the love tunnel are dyed with gold, red and green leaves.

Winter love tunnel has some scenery, although the leaves on both sides of the tunnel no longer exist, but under the rendering of the snow, love tunnel inside the snow, yushu qiongzhi, appears particularly holy and beautiful.

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