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The Red Lotus Pond In Ulong, Thailand, Is One Of The 15 Wonders Of The World

Speaking of Thailand, the most familiar is Thailand’s transsexual, durian. And Thailand’s northeast ulong province, you may be relatively strange to this place, but this place has a fairyland as the United States, that is not very curious about it?

There is a nong han lake, where nearly 10,000 mu of red lotus flowers bloom every year, which is listed as one of the world’s top 15 wonders. For about a year or two, ulong province has been advertising on the Bangkok light rail, a huge banner on which you can see a vast expanse of red lotus flowers.

In the lakes, tens of thousands of red-violet open once a year, let whole nong tigerhan dissatisfied, into the boundless red as if into the dreamland, when you haven’t reached the place from afar with a red-violet pool was deeply shocked by the scene before, like a piece of pink carpet on the earth.

Flower branches waking up in the morning, the flowers in the soothing slowly the petals of flowers that the October to next march, every year is red-violet blooming season, also is the best moment on a boat on the lake, is the best time to watch in the forenoon, here not only has the red lotus flower, and in which a lake also has a very rich fish resources, and native birds, they all regard this place as his growth paradise.

It is also because there are so many living things growing in this place that the number of red lotus can increase year by year. Every year when the red lotus blooms, visitors can take a boat ride nearby and enjoy the wonderful feeling of sliding through the kaleidoscope.

The most beautiful time of the day to see the lotus is probably before noon after dawn. At that time, the lotus is slowly opening, in the beginning of the bloom, will be a faint pink, how can this time because of a single word to describe it? In fact, we miss some pink lotus flowers in the morning, and we can enjoy the returning birds in the evening.

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