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The Palazzo Pena In Portugal — One Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World

The Palacio da Pena is recognized as one of the top ten most beautiful ancient castles in the world. In 1995, it was selected as a world heritage site as part of the sintra cultural landscape. It is now frequently used by the Portuguese President and other government officials. The palace is gothic, Renaissance, Moorish and Manuel.

The palazzo pena is the palace of the king (outside the palace where the king lives on his travels), and it looks like a paradise castle in its dazzling, strange, mannered form. The palace itself is a mixture of gothic, Renaissance, Moorish and Manuel architectural styles. This is not only Portugal’s national monument, but also one of the seven wonders of Portugal.


The palazzo pena is located in the small town of sintra, which is the summer home of the moors and the Portuguese royal family. In fact, along the way, I had already seen the dense and prosperous jungle. The magnificent top of the pena palace building appeared faintly in my vision. The gorgeous colors set off against the surrounding emerald green, and the pena palace under the blue sky and white clouds appeared particularly bright. The dense jungle was like a huge barrier, and our car seemed to be wrapped in green. Through this thick barrier, the pena palace appeared.

The palazzo pena is a collection of romanticism, gothic, baroque, Moorish and Indian styles, a hodgepodge of architectural styles that were too chic at the time to be ridiculed, but for an eclectic person, this mix makes it particularly striking. This style has also deeply influenced the landscape design of the future generations, which can be said to be one of the most impressive strokes in the history of architecture, leaving a deep impression on the world.



In a piece of green is the most attractive is the pink palace, this is the king’s departure, pink and like the launch of a rocket like the red castle, making it look like a paradise. Walked into the house I was astonished at the scene inside, with gorgeous or is gorgeous words to describe it a bit vulgar, I at that time I didn’t know what to use words to describe, not frivolous luxuriant or enchanting and elegant, bright bright color is outside, indeed inside and outside completely different landscape, delicate and colorful, dazzling, no matter where you go to the palace of feel always shiny, but internal decoration design doesn’t grandiose feeling to you, the most important thing is that here you can see all kinds of architectural style, almost can be European architectural style panoramic view,

Swan hall is also very beautiful, wearing the crown of the swan was painted on the ceiling, lifelike swan of poses, impressive elegant gesture, stretched out some long neck, head wearing a delicate crown, they talk to each other like a beautiful princess in general, this is the most let me I see in inside amazing scenes, I stay for a long time in the hall of the swan, the swans will fly as if the next second.


The palazzo pena as a whole looks like a block house built by someone. It is built on the top of a dense and high hill, which is very dazzling. This is what the palazzo pena is all about. In addition to the view of the pena palace, it’s worth visiting the town of sintra, which has been described as “one of the most successful settlements on earth.” Because of all round hill rise and fall, green plant coverage rate is very tall, can see the pena palace with multicolor flowery again, pleasant scenery surrounds all round, choose to live here so already clean and happy person.

Pena palace is very beautiful, you must see it with your own eyes if you have the chance!

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