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The Old Street In The Downtown Area Of Shanghai – The Different Style Of Shanghai

Different from the big shopping malls in the emerging living community, it is also different from the trend landmarks created by the city’s big handwriting. In some places in Shanghai that have always been quiet, the old streets with slow changes, calmly and calmly contrast with the prosperity of the city. Back to simplicity and simplicity, there are hidden stories in this.Let’s take a look at the old streets of Shanghai.


The first place is Sinan Road, formerly known as Masnan Road, a famous French musician Masseler died in Paris. To commemorate him, the French Concession Bureau named the road Rue Massenet, Masan Road. The surrounding area includes the French Park (now Fuxing Park), the Catholic Church of St. Peter in the south, the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine (formerly Shanghai Second Medical University) and the Guangci Hospital (now Ruijin Hospital), and the famous French school in the east. . On both sides of the road are full of hazy French phoenix trees and exquisite bungalows. In addition to the common features of the small roads in the French Concession, Sinan Road has a unique attraction different from other roads: more than 20 garden-style houses, concentrated Nearly all the residential styles of old Shanghai are the living words of urban history.


The second place is Tianzifang, which is located at Lane 210, Taikang Road, Shanghai, China. Tianzifang’s fun place is a colorful shop, and it changes at the same time, perhaps a corner, a little deep in the middle of a small shop, there is a new shop in the decoration. The freshest fashion is completely different from the oldest city, and the grandmother of the basket and the photographers walking under the sky with the same clothes are all the charms of Tianzifang.


The third place is the Jiading Bridge, the root of Jiading. Since the county was established as a county center, it has not been moved for 800 years and is the birthplace of Jiading history and culture. Within this thousand steps, the ancient monuments of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the ancient streets, the old bridges, the old temples, the famous gardens, etc. have gathered together, and the humanities are profound and profound. Visitors can visit Huilongtan, Confucius Temple, Fahuata, Qiuxia Temple and other ancient attractions. They can also visit the Bamboo Carving Museum, Lu Yi Shao Art Institute, and observe the old street style on both sides of the Cross River. Imprint of the ancient city civilization of Jiangnan.


The fourth place is Shanghai Old Street, formerly known as Fangyu Middle Road, west of Henan South Road, east to Renmin Road, with a total length of 825 meters. The architectural style and layout from west to east show the old Shanghai from Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Republic of China to the Western Ocean. The evolution of a period of history and culture during the influx of culture. The commercial operation of the whole street is dominated by traditional characteristic industries, highlighting traditional folk culture and creating a culture of Shanghai .


Shanghai Old Street is divided into east and west sections by Guanlan Street. The eastern section has been decorated and reconstructed, retaining the characteristics of the residential buildings in the early years of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The old streets have restored the lattice windows, the door panels, the Fan’s railings, and the landing. The rocker door and so on, together with the cornice on the roof, the lace drip and the horse head wall.


The old street is engraved with the past and present life of the city of Shanghai. Although there are still many old streets in Shanghai that have fallen into a deep sleep, I look forward to more delicious and distinctive old streets that can return to our memory.


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