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The Must-see Castle In Europe

1. Castle Howard, UK


Castle Howard is an 18th-century private mansion on 1,000 acres in north Yorkshire, England. The Yorkshire mansion was built with the help of Sir John van buhler and Nicholas hawksmoor.

2. Neuschwanstein, Germany


One of the most famous and beautiful castles in the world, neuschwanstein castle was built by Ludwig ii and inspired the later sleeping beauty castle in Disneyland. Fascinated by the mythical world of composer Wagner’s operas, Ludwig ii set out to build a dream castle for medieval knights to traverse.

3. Segovia castle , Spain


Segovia castle, also known as alcasar castle, is a unique and exquisite stone castle at the western end of the town, built on rocky cliffs near the confluence of mount guadalama and the river eresma and the river kramorais. Originally an Arab fortress, it was retaken by christians and converted into a palace, prison, royal artillery academy and military academy, with manicured gardens. It was one of the inspirations for the sleeping beauty castle.

4. Castle alnwick, UK


Alnwick castle, on the north side of town, is the ancestral home of the duke of Northumberland. It is the setting of hogwarts in the harry potter films. It is lavishly decorated and has six rooms open to the public, containing paintings by titian, canaletto and others.

5. Rochester castle, UK


Rochester castle is located in Kent in the southeast of England. Built in the 12th century, the castle still retains its intact stone tower, which is the most outstanding feature of the castle.

6. Castle of mironda , Belgium


Milonda castle, located in namur, Belgium, is a 19th century gothic castle.
In 1866, the Liedekerke De Beaufort family began building a castle on the orders of British architect Edward Milner. However, Milner died before the castle was finished. The completion of the castle was announced in 1907 with the completion of the bell tower.

7.Prague castle, Czech republic


Located in the castle district of Mala Strana on the west side of the vltava river, Prague castle is one of the largest ancient castle buildings in the world, with a length of 570 meters and an average width of about 130 meters, like a small town with five inner regions. The castle also retains the crown of the kingdom of Bohemia, where the king of Bohemia, the holy Roman emperor, the President of Czechoslovakia and the President of the Czech republic all work and live. It is truly the “heart of the Czech republic” and the center of Czech power.

8. Castle of moritz, Germany


Moritz castle, also known as “moritz castle palace”, is located on the north side of the town of moritz castle. It is located on an island in a lake. The yellow wall and red top set off the blue lake, surrounded by beautiful forest. Built in 1542-1546 in the baroque style, moritz castle was the preferred hunting retreat for the Saxon court, where auguste ii hosted lavish parties after hunting. The hall is decorated with hunting antlers and the walls are painted with mythological scenes. The hall of monsters and the house of feathers are amazing.

9. Castle Hohenschwangau, Germany


Castle Hohenschwangau, where Ludwig ii grew up, was first built in the 12th century by the chevy schwanko and later rebuilt in the neo-gothic style. Although the old swan fort is not as flamboyant as the new swan fort, it has played a very good role in adorning the scenery there.

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