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The Most Romantic Love Locks Around World

Whenever I stumble across any type of love lock structure, no matter where I am in the world, I am fascinated at all the untold stories of the silent locks. I like to spend time looking through the individual locks, finding the funky ones, the beautiful ones, and the unique ones.


No one is entirely sure where the tradition of lovers attaching padlocks to bridges began — but since the early 2000s, tens of thousands of “love locks” have been locked to bridges all around the world.

The tradition goes that you and your honey buy a padlock, engrave your names or initials on it, lock it to a bridge, and then throw the key in the river below, thus solidifying your love forever.

It’s romantic, to be sure.

But love locks aren’t without controversy. Despite Venice, Italy, being known for its romance, officials there have also been trying to crack down on the tradition. The city’s administration is not feeling the love and is worried they’ll cause damage to the buildings and bridges. One would think the ritual would be welcomed since they are less destructive than, say, graffiti or gum walls . Paris also stripped the locks on several bridges last year, and Florence removed 5,500 padlocks on the Ponte Vecchio bridge in 2006. But love perseveres, as usually it’s only a matter of time before they return.

Take an international trip with us now to see the locks of love!These memorable locations are highly recommended and amazingly popular,although a few of them have been possessed by the government.

Pont des Arts | Paris, France

Perhaps the most iconic of the love lock bridges, the Pont des Arts in Paris is also one of the most controversial. The bridge crossing the Seine between the French Institute and the Louvre was actually reported to be in danger of collapse under the extra weight of all the love locks. The locks was been removed last month,. “The tradition may be over, but the love certainly continues.”


Makartsteg footbridge | Salzburg, Austria

I don’t really know the story behind this footbridge in Salzburg, but it was quickly being covered in love locks two summers ago.

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Hohenzollern Bridge|Cologne,Germany

Love locks started appearing on this bridge over the river Rhine in Cologne, in the year 2009.

Many of the locks have been intricately designed and are often engraved or painted with their professions of love.

The city of Cologne has embraced the love locks, unlike many other European cities which are now citing the locks as damaging to historic architecture.

Lockers At The Hohenzollern Bridge Symbolize Love Forever

Mount Huangshan, Lotus Peak|Anhui Province, China

On Huangshan mountain the love locks placed upon the bridge stretching across the valley is a very well known romantic spot in China.

The area is known to be a place of romance due to a legend of unrequited lovers who threw themselves off the mountain so that they could finally be together.

Ever since the locks placed in this spot have become symbols of eternal love throughout the region.And according to the custom, the keys are to be rather conveniently thrown down the cliff to complete the “locking of souls”.



Ponte Vecchio | Florence, Italy

Today, you won’t find many love locks on Florence’s most famous bridge. Love locks used to cover the sides of the Ponte Vecchio, but the majority were removed by the city council a few years ago. You can still find a few rebellious stragglers if you look, though.



Luzhkov Bridge|Moscow, Russia

At Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow, Russia, curious-looking metallic trees can be seen “planted” along the bridge. That’s where newlyweds place, as they would like to call it, “happiness locks” in order to symbolize their love. In fact, the practice became so popular that more of such trees have to be “planted” in order to cope with the increasing demand!


Brooklyn Bridge|New York City, USA

Arguably one of the most idealized cities in the United States, the city of New York is the site of timeless romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. As such, visitors flock to the Brooklyn Bridge and secure padlocks on this famous structure to create lasting Big Apple memories.

Although your padlocks may not be attached for long, as they have been deemed to be damaging to the structure of the bridge.However, a group of love activists have been working with the local authorities to preserve the padlocks rather than discard them.So, even if your locks aren’t on the bridge when you return, they will probably soon become part of a new art installation in the city.


Ponte Milvio Bridge|Rome, Italy

Another glamorized European destination, lovers travel from both near and far to fasten padlocks on this ancient landmark.

Love locks are gaining more and more momentum in Italy, and it all started in the Ponte Milvio Bridge in Rome. The craze for affixing love padlocks to Ponte Milvio Bridge can be attributed to the book “I Want You” by Italian author Frederico Moccia, which featured the main characters engaging in their own “love lock” ritual. Now, that’s amore!


Southgate Footbridge|Melbourne, Australia

Although this architectural gem once played host to over 20,000 padlocks, city officials recently removed them to prevent cable stress. Aussie lovebirds need not despair, however, as the Melbourne community is in the process of designating a new location for these sentimental symbols to thrive.


Father Bernatek footbridge | Krakow, Poland

Crossing the Vistula River in Krakow’s Jewish Quarter, this pedestrian footbridge is the place to go to see (or place) love locks. I stumbled upon it completely by accident, but thought it was a pretty spot.


Ha’penny Bridge|Dublin, Ireland

At some point in the past, someone in Dublin turned to their significant other and said, “I love you. Let’s make shite of the Ha’penny Bridge.” The act of ‘locking’ relationship to this capital’s old landmarks became a romantic gesture.This pretty bridge spanning the River Liffey was covered in love locks until they were all removed in 2012. Some, however, remain to this day.People keep adding them in clumps to the bridge, though, so keep your eyes peeled.



Most Ljubavi|Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

Most Ljubavi, meaning “Bridge of Love”, is one of the 15 bridges in the town of VrnJacka Banja, in Serbia. Over the last twenty years, the bridge has become a major destination for love lockers.


Corktown Bridge|Ottawa, Canada

The Corktown Bridge is Ottawa, Canada version of a “love bridge.” Hundreds of people symbolically lock up their love and thrown away the key there. So far our sturdy bridge is holding steady, unlike the Pont des Arts in Paris that caved under the expectations of so much sworn love.



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