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The Most Difficult Rock Climbing Mountain In The World, The Mysterious Devil Tower In The United States

In the face of all kinds of entertainment and leisure projects in today’s tourism, people’s choices are more and more. Among them, rock climbing should be regarded as the most challenging and very difficult project in tourism. For ordinary people, go Climbing some low-lying, flat-lying mountains is also a good way to exercise and relax, but for those who love adventure and challenge, these are not enough, and they hope to challenge the more difficult peaks.


Snow Mountain should be difficult to conquer in everyone’s impression, because snow mountains are generally high in altitude, and the geographical environment and terrain conditions are also very bad, so if it is not a professional climber or a professional person, the average person rushes Going to rock climbing is bound to be unsuccessful, and even serious will die on the way to the climb.

One of the most difficult places to climb is the highest altitude in the world, Mount Everest, but this mountain has had many successful examples of climbing to the top, even if it has an ultra-high altitude of more than 8,000 meters. Can not live the desire of people to conquer. Although the mountain is high in altitude and the environment is sinister, the climbers will be in danger, but this is not the most difficult mountain in the world.

There are so many different peaks in the world. Today is a mountain that is very yearning for many climbers but has only been successfully conquered by a few people. This is the Devil’s Tower in the United States. Many people may feel very mysterious when they hear this name. In fact, there are always some mysterious legends.

First of all, because the shape of this mountain is different from our common mountain peak, this mountain has a special shape, is a very large cylinder, and almost all of it is flat, so this rock stands like a rising ground. Here, it is very mysterious from its formation, so this makes people have a great attraction here.


It is because of the special terrain conditions that the climbing has become a major feature here. There are gaps in the rock wall. These cracks are for people to climb upwards, but this is also very challenging and very difficult, so Even professional rock climbers or enthusiastic mountain climbers have very few people who can climb to the top.

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