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The Most Beautiful Natural Spa In The World – Turkish Pamukkale

White snow-like geological miracle, Pamukkale, the magical nature of nature has created such a wonderful wonderland, it is like a white miracle left behind, a strange cotton-like hill, a different white Christmas, the whole hillside look It looks like a layer of soft, thick cotton covered with layers. In Turkish, Pamuk means cotton, Kale means castle, so Pamukkale is called Pamukkale.



There is a white Pamukkale with mountains and waters. It has been a spa resort since the Greek era. It is said that Cleopatra has also been here to make hot springs. The hot spring flows down from the top of the cave, and the hillside is washed into a stepped shape. The spring water in the platform is accumulated into small ponds. From the top to the bottom, one side of the hot spring platform is like a mirror, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds. From the bottom up, like the volcano that just broke out, the white magma covered the entire hillside, quite spectacular. By the way, everyone who wants to go is better to bring a plastic bag of shoes, because it is barefoot in the scenic area, it is inconvenient to hold the shoes in the hand, it is convenient to pack the bag with a bag.

Pamukkale is a group of rocks, and there are all kinds of unknown small stones at the foot, so it is very lame and even painful to go up, plus all kinds of volcanic mud and running water, so the stone is very slippery, you must be careful when walking.Approaching the Pamukkale, I saw a piece of milky white mountain ridge against the blue sky and white clouds. When the feet are next to the hot springs, there is a feeling of fluttering on the Pamukkale. In the distance, you can see the beauty of the mountain village, and the white cotton castle is against each other.


The 10,000-year-old Pamukkale is also an amazing wonder of the world. Walking barefoot, the water temperature is about 30 degrees, it feels very warm. The most famous here is the travertine like cotton, and the natural hot springs of the millennium. In recent decades, the water in the Pamukkale has gradually decreased, and the travertine located in the high place has dried up. Because I heard that the beauty of the place will cease to exist for decades, so the trip to Turkey must come to Pamukkale.

The beautiful Pamukkale is not to be said, but it is a bit over-developed now. In order to maintain the scenery of the scenic spot, it is necessary to take off your shoes and socks. The best time to take pictures is when the afternoon is going down. Xiaguang spilled into the water and it was golden. The snowy mountains and woods in the distance, the travertines, water and people in the vicinity constitute a beautiful picture.The limestone ground is not smooth, and Asian tourists are basically carrying their shoes from the top of the mountain along the winding path to the bottom of the bubble feet.


There are many monuments near Pamukkale. Built in the Aphrodisias Acropolis more than 2,000 years ago, there are still Greek-style bathhouses, arches, beams, stone pillar promenades, marble columns pointing to the sky, all carved from white marble. The pattern is complex and the shape is magnificent. The temple of the moon, standing alone in the open space, will always shine in the moonlight.



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