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The Most Beautiful National Park In The World Is Located In Banff National Park, Canada

Banff national park in Canada is a mecca for all your travel needs, where you can enjoy horseback riding, skiing, hot springs and flying. It’s a beautiful place that combines the best of the world’s tourist attractions.


It is said that in the early years, benfou park was just a hot spring development site, but it has been transformed for many years to develop today. The reason for all kinds of activities and experiences here is that it is located near the Los Angeles mountains in Canada, which is a long range of mountains.

There are many kinds of lakes here, but without exception, the water is blue and crystal clear. Along the lake, you will find the surrounding lush forests that guard the sacred land like guardians.

In addition is that still a lot of photographers hobby, they talked about the place many times the light of sunrise and sunset beauty, and the characteristics of the administrative levels feels good, so here’s the beauty of the sunset and sunrise has attracted numerous photographer’s eye at home and abroad, is not only a photography enthusiasts, even if it is the pursuit of romantic small couples is not miss this beautiful place, even in the cold winter also tirelessly to here to see the beautiful scenery, the scenery is not visible in general.


If there is love to climb the small partners can also be here under the leadership of the professional mountain climbing activities yo. As the saying goes, “stand tall, look far” is probably the truth. After a wonderful and exciting journey, standing at the top of the mountain, looking into the distance, the whole banff park has a panoramic view of the scenery, there are layers of snow mountain, there are clear lakes, there are green dense woods, it would be a pity to miss this scene.

Here are some famous scenic spots:

1. The sulphur mountain

Sulfur mountain is 2,280 meters above sea level. Standing at the top of the mountain, you can see the whole banff national park. The breathtaking scenery here makes people seem to have a sense of stepping into wonderland, which is difficult to describe in words.


2.Double jack lake

This is the second of the three lakes closest to banff. The lake is not big, but it is very quiet. It is easy for people who come here to fall in love with them in a minute. The sunrise here is the most beautiful in the morning.

3.Crow claw glacier
The crow’s claw glacier, 32km from Lois lake, is the first attraction on the ice field road, which can be seen from the drive. Crow claw glacier above a former ice field, due to the interaction between the ice shelf, left in the mountain cliff as if crow claw shape of three glaciers, so it got this name. But now because of the climate, the glaciers have partially melted, while we enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time to remind us to pay attention to environmental protection.


4. Take a tour of vermillion lake
Vermilion Lakes (Vermilion Lakes) three kilometers from the town of banff are adjacent Lakes surrounded by aquatic meadows
Address: trans-canada Hwy, Banff, AB T0L Canada

5. Banferminevenka lake
Lake Minnewanka, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, is the largest Lake in banff national park. Take the lake boat here, can give you a unique viewing experience. Along the way you’ll find wildlife, find out how their discoverers named them, and of course don’t miss the spectacular scenery of the Canadian Rockies along the coast.


6. Unique wanka lake
Lake minevenka is the largest and deepest lake in banff national park, about a 15-minute drive east of banff. Its name comes from the stoney indians, meaning “water elves.” The Minnesota valley is home to many wildlife, beautiful scenery and unique rocks that surround it.

In addition here also can be on a boat on the lake, touch the flavor of the sea, blue sea water touch your skin, bring you different sense, very rare in the noisy world, find a place to release yourself, relax yourself, so want to travel to foreign friends can want to see come over.

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