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The Most Beautiful Manor In England – Darcy Manor

The estate, named Chatsworth House, is home to the hereditary Dukes of Devonshire and is one of the most famous attractions in peak district national park in the north of England. The reason why it is called darcy manor is because the famous British female writer Jane Austen’s “pride and prejudice” was shot here, and the hero of the play Mr. Darcy’s manor was shot here, so later Chinese audiences used to call it darcy manor.


Built in 1552, over 400 years from the 15th century to the 19th century, chatsworth house has been elaborately designed and built by many famous horticulturalists, making it one of the most beautiful estates in Britain and an important part of the British cultural heritage. Covering an area of more than 1,000 acres, it was designed in the 18th century by the landscape architect langlos brown, and has been renovated by 16 generations. Estate famous paintings in the collection of all stripes, including 17 th-century Italian and French painter painted a giant painting, sculpture and other works of art, including the statue of the Greek, Rome period, there are a lot of Chinese porcelain, the splendid banquet hall was queen Victoria’s first adult dinner site, glittering dazzling.


Chatsworth has many legends. Everything in the house, the hills, the water, was carefully designed. The duke of Devonshire’s private residence was the location of the estate where the pride and prejudice film’s hero, Mr Darcy, was shot, hence the nickname “darcy’s estate”. The decoration style of ancient Rome, the Christ story oil painting that the ceiling joins a body to wall, let a person praise unceasingly. Mary queen of England had been under house arrest there for some time; The story of the fifth duchess was made into the film the duchess a few years ago, and it was also used as a location for the film. The eldest son of the tenth duke married President Kennedy’s sister. It took the 11th duke and duchess 24 years to pay the inheritance tax. Later, they established a maintenance fund and opened up parts of the farm to garden.


There are more than 30 rooms for you to explore, from the grand hall full of famous paintings, to the family-only church, to the living room, all of which are magnificent.


In addition to the imposing mansion, the back garden of the mansion is well worth a visit. The 105-acre back garden has been renovated over the past 450 years, with many tall trees and huge shrubs. The most interesting is the 300-year-old waterfall, not only that there is a huge plant maze can walk, rockery, rose, vegetable garden everything, you can completely come to an aristocratic nature close trip.

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