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The Most Beautiful Library In Seoul – The Super Romantic Star Garden Library

This Star Garden Library is located in the COEX MALL of Gangnam Department Store in Seoul, South Korea. It was deeply planted before it came into being. The biggest feature is that there are three large bookcases of up to 13 meters, which are like walking into the fairy tale. The world is like, the design is full.



It is said that there are more than 50,000 books in the Star Library, the latest equipment e-book system, and more than 600 new domestic and overseas magazines. All ages are about to find their own corners here. Everyone can read it here, but don’t borrow it.The library is divided into two levels and is an open library that is completely free to use. In addition to Korean local books and magazines, there are hundreds of foreign books and magazines. If you come over and pose, you won’t be able to understand anything. It is the largest magazine reading corner in Korea!

The space library is very large and very spacious. There are many sofas and various tables and chairs. The light is projected in a natural way. It is not boring to read a book here.


In particular, it has more than 600 of the latest magazines including foreign publications, and is the largest magazine viewing corner in Korea. The library also has the latest e-book system, which is very popular. In addition, there are many round and square tables and chairs in the library to provide visitors with space for reading and rest.

In addition, there are often art and cultural activities in the library. In addition to holding lectures, there are also live performances of the piano. Listening to a live performance under such a group of books is a great enjoyment! In South Korea’s friends, if you are tired of shopping in Jiangnan COEX, you may wish to go to the star map !

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