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The Most Beautiful Kava Mountain Waterfall In The Philippines

Many countries have their own unique attractions that attract travelers from all over the world to clock in. In the Philippines, known as the “land of islands”, there is another extreme sport in addition to diving, which is known all over the world.


An extreme sport not known to the general public, it is mainly played in Badian Town, south of cebu, Philippines, which has the most beautiful kava mountain falls. The core of valley diving, a sport of hiking, climbing, jumping and swimming through dense forests, is that you have to jump down cliffs and waterfalls. You can jump down from here at any height, although the height may not be as high as bungee, but also play the heartbeat and stimulation, the degree of stimulation is no less than the ordinary bungee oh, really is the game of the brave.


There is blue sky, green water, green trees, you can swim in the water diving, or climb big rocks below to enjoy the coolness of the bottom, or you can choose to walk the path, to explore the mysterious. Along the way there are a lot of place for photos, if you want to appreciate the beauty and want to challenge yourself, don’t miss it!


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