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The Eighth Wonder Of The World: The US Grand Canyon Air Corridor

The Grand Canyon skywalk is located in the famous American Grand Canyon in the Hualipai Indian Nature Reserve in Las Vegas. Above the height of the Colorado River at 1219 meters, the entire corridor is made of glass and fixed. The steel frame is composed of the cliff.

The Grand Canyon air corridor extends 21.34 meters beyond the cliff, and the entire corridor is U-shaped. The steel frame of the corridor is a special steel rail, and the suspended part can carry the weight equivalent to 71 full Boeing 747 aircraft.


All this is due to the structural principle of the whole project. In order to prevent the cliff from being crushed and falling, the construction side will embed 94 steel bars of more than ten meters long into the limestone, making the whole platform firm and reliable; the bridge is hollow, but its weight It is still close to four Boeing 757s; the hollow part of the bridge has three 1.45-ton vibration dampers.

All this work makes the huge bridge still stable in the wind of 160 km/h. The width of the corridor is about 3 meters, and the bottom is made of completely transparent glass, from which you can clearly see the bottom of the valley.

This air corridor attracts tens of thousands of visitors. People can stand on the glass suspension bridge, surrounded by the canyon walls, like the eagle flying in the sky, overlooking the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River over 1,000 meters. The feeling of freedom to walk in the clouds.


It’s just like a fairyland. However, in order to control the flow of people, visitors are only allowed to stay in this corridor for fifteen minutes, although the corridor can withstand the weight of 20,000 people.

The project, costing $30 million and lasting 10 years, is the tallest building in the world today. This corridor is an unprecedented project. In addition to the difficulty of design and construction, the seismic performance of this corridor is absolutely a must. It is said to be able to resist the magnitude 8 earthquake within 80 kilometers.

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