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The Best Time To Visit Provence To See Lavender

Provence, is located in the south of France, is the language for “waiting for love” purple flowers — the hometown of lavender, here throughout the year the air is filled with the fragrance of lavender, let a person relaxed and happy, in the rest of the world you will not easily feel this kind of natural smell. In the hearts of Chinese people, lavender is the symbol of sweet love, all the girls are looking forward to a romantic trip to provence with his beloved. Lavender begins to bloom in June every year, July and August with the increasingly strong sunlight, lavender flowers will quickly change to a deep purple, and in September ushered in the season of lavender harvesting, to the end of September, all the flower fields have been harvested. Therefore, every year in July and August is the best time to appreciate lavender, at this time to come to provence, the mountains and fields are purple ocean, looking ahead, continuous large areas of lavender flower field, will let you forget all the troubles.


Lavender is actually an alien species to provence. Its origin is in ancient Persia, but it has now become an important symbol of provence. In addition to the patches of lavender flower fields, in the field, in the courtyard street, everywhere has the lavender figure, it with its unique blue purple and light fragrance, and the effect of peace and quiet has conquered provence and the whole mankind, people use it to extract essential oil, make perfume, spices, sachets, herbal tea. The manufacturing of lavender is now a major economic lifeline in provence.

In addition to the smell of lavender, in the air of provence, we can also breathe other pleasant scents, such as thyme, pine and other plants. And the most intuitive to let us feel this kind of aroma is the city of masai specialty “masai soap”, its main raw material is vegetable oil, natural from what vegetable oil made of the aroma of marseille soap is this kind of plant. Marseille soap is still made by hand. A piece of marseille soap takes three weeks to make. It is more an industrial culture than a piece of soap.


Provence, throughout the year, all kinds of activities emerge in endlessly, let a person too many things to see, is held in early February, lemon festival, July – August is Vernon arts festival and the red ji opera festival, in August, there is a mountain provence lavender section, that is free and easy, romantic, and love of life and liberty, attracted numerous literary, artistic creator here for inspiration, to carry out their art to a new stage of life. World famous artists Cezanne, van gogh, monet, Picasso, chagall Cezanne, van gogh, monet, Picasso, chagall, the American writer Fitzgerald, a British author Lawrence, French author aldous Huxley, Nietzsche giant has been here all, accept the baptism of the nature, feel the warm sweet romantic breath. One of them, “the days of the mountain” by Peter mayer, pushed provence to the top.

France, the hometown of red wine, provence is also rich in quality red wine, due to the local sunny, planted grapes contain more sugar, converted into more alcohol naturally, so that provence wine is 2 degrees higher than other local wine, taste more mellow, stronger.


Lavender in provence in July and August is definitely a good choice!

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