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Ten Tips For Snorkeling

1. Try to cover your back when snorkeling. It’s easy to get sunburned while snorkeling, so be sure to apply sunscreen in advance, or wear a jellyfish suit, known as a diving suit. There is also injury prevention, in snorkeling if you hit a reef or something like that, or aggressive fish, you can not be hurt at all.


2. Friends with no snorkeling experience must wear life jackets. Trust me, you may be a good swimmer, but snorkeling is a new experience and sometimes swimming just won’t save you.

3. It is better to prepare your own gloves when snorkeling. Firstly, it is convenient to grasp things.


4. Never move in the surf area of the reef. Big waves can knock you against the reef and leave you defenseless.

5. When diving or floating on the surface of the water to breathe, be sure to keep a little air in your body, don’t spit it out, because when your breathing tube is filled with water, this air can save your life! Do not panic when you find water coming into your breathing tube at the first time. Calm down and get ready to breathe out quickly. This will get most of the seawater out of your breathing tube.

But if that doesn’t help, you need to be prepared to keep your head out of the water, stand upright, kick slowly with your legs, and gradually shift your body away from the waves.


6. Women should be careful not to cover their hair with a mask, which can cause water.

7. Pay attention to the route of the snorkeling site. When snorkeling, always look up to see where you are.

8. Stay away from sea urchins, jellyfish, moray eels, shell fish and other underwater creatures. They can hurt you, intentionally or not.


9.Sharks aren’t scary. Usually what we see are blacktip sharks. They’re not aggressive, so they’re safe, but we have to be careful not to hurt them.

10.Myopic friends should consider, one is to buy or rent with degree of diving glasses. The second is to wear contact lenses. At the same time, it’s best to remove the goggles in the ocean with your back to the waves.

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