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Take A Look At Some Of The Other Sights That Belong To Horses

St Paul’s cathedral is an Anglican cathedral that sits quietly in Independence Square, Malta’s capital. It is one of valletta’s most iconic buildings. When Queen Adelaide, Queen of William iv, visited Malta in the 19th century and found that there was no place for anglicans to worship, she had a church built and named it st. Paul’s cathedral.


Located in valletta, the capital of Malta, the lower garden is one of the most famous scenic spots in valletta. The lower garden is the best place to see the Grand Harbour and jetty, Malta’s first nature Harbour. There are also two memorials in the park, one dedicated to Alexander Ball and the other to the Great Siege of Malta, a famous battle in Malta’s history.

Our usual holiday beach may not be yellow enough to impress us, but there’s one more golden beach in the world waiting to be visited: la hama beach in Malta. Located in llanrahama bay, llanrahama beach is the best and most famous beach in Malta. It is also the largest and most charming beach. It is popular with tourists from all over the world.


St. Paul’s cathedral is a Roman Catholic episcopal church in mdina, Malta. It is the most important religious center there. It is said that the church was built on the spot where st. Paul met Pope belo belo after he was shipwrecked off the coast of Malta. According to ACTS, baptiste received the shipwrecked st. Paul, who cured the dysentery that had afflicted baptiste’s father.


Malta’s national museum of natural history is located in the medieval walled city of mdina, in an ancient 18th century building. Formed in the mid-1960s and officially opened to the public in 1973, the museum is now managed and operated by the Maltese heritage authority. The national museum of natural history of Malta is a national repository of biological specimens, with life and earth sciences at the heart of the museum’s exhibits, focusing, of course, on the natural history of the Maltese islands.


Valletta is located on the eastern coast of the island of Malta, the capital of Malta, the administrative and commercial center of the country, as well as the transportation hub of the country. Valletta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is the hub of maritime transport in Europe, Asia and Africa, strategic position is very important, known as the “heart of the Mediterranean Sea”. Valletta is also known for the valletta football club, one of the best on the island of Malta. The city has been on screen before, with parts of Steven spielberg’s Munich filmed in valletta in 2005.

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