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Suzhou Travel Guide – Experience Chinese Garden Scenery

Suzhou, China is famous for its classical gardens and its canals. The city is not far from Shanghai, and Suzhou is rapidly developing due to the success of its modern industry. You can buy many silk crafts in small shops everywhere, and Suzhou is also known for its operas.


Five reasons to visit Suzhou:

1. Classical gardens. The garden is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Several of them include the Lingering Garden and the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

2. Follow the canal. Explore the city along the canal. Suzhou will bring you surprises in the new and old communities. Shantang Street is probably one of the most interesting canal streets with many souvenir shops.

3. Lotus pond. There are several lotus ponds in the Hetangyue Selenium Garden. You can take a walk in the pond and once you climb the many stairs of the tower, you can see them from above.

4. Visit the temple. Suzhou has some temples worth visiting. The history of Lengshan Temple dates back to 500 AD. The Confucius Temple is worth visiting the ancient map. You also need to see the Burghardt Tower, which was rumored to have been ordered by Wu Wang Sun Quan.

5. Watch the show at the Suzhou Opera House. You can watch Chinese opera at the Suzhou Opera House. The building itself is worth a look, and there are some interesting musical instrument exhibits.


Popular areas in Suzhou:

1. Guanqian Street. You will find several shops on this street, explore different back streets, find craftsmen who sell crafts and try local cuisine.

2. Tiger Hill. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. There are several ruins and landmarks to visit, including He Le Wang Tomb, Jianchi and Yunyan Pagoda.

3. Suzhou Shangshan National Forest Park. If you want to hike, this is the ideal place to go. Stone Lake is one of the most beautiful scenery in the area.


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