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Spain Winter Snow And Ice About, Skiing To Enjoy The Scenery

Valle DE Aran

The valley of the aran, in the province of lerida in the Catalan region, is a great place to see the snow in the pyrenees. The Baqueira Beret ski resort here is a paradise for European skiers, with 155 kilometers of trails. Skiing, sledding, snow walking… You can play snowboarding here. The valley of the aran is home to more than 30 small towns, each with its own distinctive Roman heritage. Churches and cottages covered with snow are more interesting in winter.
Local ski resort: Baqueira Beret



Not only is it red wine, it’s also a destination for winter snow. Escaray sits at the foot of the San Lorenzo mountains, the highest mountain in la rioja. The exceptional terrain also provides a perfect place to ski. Although Valdezcaray is not a big resort, its convenient transportation and complete facilities still attract many people.
Local ski resort: Valdezcaray



The arabs named granada’s snowy mountain the Sierra Nevada, but they were not the first inhabitants. As early as 1300 BC, the small town of Monachil, 13km from granada, was settled by humans. The sierra Nevada mountains, close at hand, give it not only fertile land but also a beautiful winter landscape. Sierra Nevada is the southernmost ski resort in Europe. From the beginning of December to the beginning of may every year, the fine weather and excellent trails attract skiers from Europe and even the world.
Every year on January 18, the city of monachille celebrates the patron saint’s day of San Anton, an ancient and important festival chosen in January to protect people from the harsh cold of winter. An essential part of the festival is eating La Olla DE San Anton. It must be a very happy thing for us to sit together in the winter, eating hot stews and talking to each other.
Local ski resort: Sierra Nevada


Selma le Cerler

At an altitude of 1,500 meters, selle is the highest pyrenees town in the aragon region and a famous ski resort. Selle, which opened in 1970, has 79 kilometers of runs, as well as cross-country runs. The old town of selle is small but well preserved, and its 16th-century churches have a different feel under the winter snow. On the way from the old town of selle to the ski resort, there is also a very beautiful view of the winter valley.
Local ski resort: Cerler

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