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South Australia Has Not Only Blue Holes, But Also Cave Gardens

South Australia is a multi-faceted tourist destination with wide, smooth roads and beautiful scenery. Blue lake is a volcanic lake located in the crater of an extinct volcano in mount gambier, south Australia. Many people know about blue lake. In fact, there is a cave garden near blue lake. It is a natural cave, and for the early settlers, the cave garden was their original source of water. If you look down from the top of it, you can find its incomparable beauty. Of course, you can also go into the cave and explore and observe many plants for yourself.


Blue lake is located in south Australia mount gambier a volcano maar a volcanic lake, watched a lot of information about blue lake before, in fact, over the years, crisscrossed, also calculate have seen all sorts of lake of the sea, when really stood by the lake, look, that one is blue, is really fascinating of beauty, the beauty of nature is so amazing, the water depth is very big, the residents of the surrounding have no matter to the lake running, walking the dog, in short, is to see the let a person feel through the eyes of washing to the feeling of your heart.

The magic of blue lake is that from December to march each year, the water is a vibrant cobalt blue. After April, it gradually returns to the cold, iron-gray color until the following December. We also lucky to see it the most beautiful appearance, sigh blue lake is simply set in the earth of a sapphire. The crater, where blue lake is located, is surrounded by a large lawn with parks, service areas and rv campsites. It’s nice to see someone living in a campsite near the lake. At the same time, there is the cave garden beside the blue lake, which can let you feel the charm of nature!


There is a sinkhole in downtown muntganbir, formed by the weathering and collapse of limestone, which was carved into an underground garden by locals in 1886. The ivy like waterfall hangs from the ground and descend, the bottom has a few steps, strewn at different places has sent kind full of all sorts of flowers, give priority to with pink hydrangea. Opossums still live in the crevices of the rock, but we, mindful of the flowers, do not look for them. There are fewer tourists, who come in the late afternoon and enjoy the garden almost exclusively.

Cave garden is not very mysterious, many people have known about it, but because of its form of existence, always think it is more appropriate to describe it as mysterious or secret. Cave garden, free for visitors to open, people leisurely walk, as if in a paradise, don’t have a feeling. Fly the drone and take a look. This naturally formed sinkhole is also beautifully shaped. The path leading to the bottom of the cave is lined with flowers. The cave garden is small, but it is a very romantic garden.


There are a lot of birds, flying to jump in the flowers, the tip of the small mouth into the flower core to suck honey. The road leading to the bottom of the garden is built into the wall at the edge of the cave. Walk down the steps, don’t have a sense of mystery. In the center of the garden, there is a down-sloping stairway with flowers on both sides, especially like a wedding scene. There are two trees planted in the garden, thin and dry, looking up from below, into the sky.

The cave garden is located in the center of the town. For the early aborigines, the cave garden was their original water source. If you look down from the top of it, you can find more unmatched beauty. You can also go into the cave and explore and observe many plants for yourself. Because of Australia’s geology is relatively loose, the cave garden is located in mount gambier, thus can also be called mount gambier, equivalent to a underground garden, as if suddenly fall into a fairyland, ordinary people are driving to gambier picturesque town to enjoy lunch, dinner can go to the blue lakes and caves, garden and then can enter Victoria state border.


The cave garden, also known as the sunken garden, was formed when the roof of the cave caved in due to weathering and erosion. Now, the soil from the top of the cave falls below, providing the perfect natural environment for the sunken garden. The cave garden is a very special place in gambier mountain, as if accidentally entering a huge underground secret garden, beautiful and mysterious. If it’s Christmas, when the flowers are in full bloom, it’s amazing to be there.

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