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Ski Resorts And Penguins Have Been Affected By A Lack Of Snow In Hokkaido, Japan

Japan’s meteorological agency issued a forecast for january-march 2020, saying the cold air is weak and there is a risk of insufficient snow. Hokkaido already has a snow deficit in 2019, with less snow than usual. Operations at winter ski resorts, penguin shows and more have been affected. “It depends on the weather. Only prayer.”


According to reports, the ski jump platform “arai mountain jump”, located in chuo-ku district of Sapporo city, was exposed to snow at the edge of the ski slope on the afternoon of 25th, local time. The ski jumping competition for junior high school students originally planned to be held here in January 2020 has been cancelled. Cihiko tsukamoto, secretary-general of the Sapporo city junior high school sports federation, said regretfully: “we judged that the platform could not be properly prepared because of the insufficient snow. Very sorry.”

The Sapporo prefectures meteorological station said Hokkaido is not vulnerable to strong low pressure in 2019, and the distribution of winter type pressure does not last long, so there will be less snow. Of the 118 observation points in the dao, about 80% of the snow fell less than in previous years, and only about 60% in Sapporo and asukawa.


Fu’s snow area, a ski resort located in the southern district of Sapporo, was unable to open due to insufficient snow. “It used to open as early as December 1, but this year it hasn’t happened yet,” frets takahiro maeda, the director of the sports facility. It may not happen before the end of this year, even if it is reluctant to do so for tourists.”

Asushan zoo in the city of xuchuan was also hit, the report said. The penguin walk, the highlight of the winter stroll at the colony, has been postponed because of a lack of snow, which could lead to injuries on the exposed asphalt. “The penguins don’t get enough exercise,” said Mr. Sakamoto.

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