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Shinto Shrine In Snow Country To Enjoy The Centuries-Old Sacred Tree

Think of the snow early winter, xiaobian thought of a trip to Japan. In winter to appreciate under the rule of snow and ice Japan, snow fairy tale beautiful here perfectly reflected, solemn and full of fairy tale color.


The Shinto shrine at the foot of the Togakushiyama mountains has a history of more than two thousand years and is made up of five Shinto shrines. But this time want to introduce is the road to the shrine, here has the United States redwood national park with the towering giant sequoia, but also more than a mysterious charm. In the autumn is a beautiful world of red leaves, in the winter is a snow-covered fairy tale scene, the beauty of the sky!

The shrine is in the forest, a two-kilometre-long path that locals have to take to pay their respects, with red gates along the way, and then you can see the fir trees that have been around for more than 400 years.


Walk to about 1 kilometer, will pass through a god door, and then walk 1 kilometer later to arrive at the shrine, where the worship of the hercules in Japanese mythology open the invisible rock god “god”, a lot of Japanese people will be here to pray for a signature.

In summer, the fir trees on both sides of the road are so lush and green that the people who walk in them look very small as if they had come to adult country.


In winter, the whole road is covered with snow. When you walk on the road, you feel like you want to go to the same type of snow country of frozen.

In addition, nagano is also known as the “Japanese Alps” and is famous for hosting the winter Olympics. Arrange a ski trip outside the shrine

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