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Shanghai Disney Play Raiders

Shanghai Disneyland is the second Disneyland in China except Hong Kong. Like other Disney parks in the world, it is incredibly dreamy.

Disneyland has a lot of places to play and I would like to recommend some places in Disneyland.

1.Frozen: Singing Event


In the “Lindian Theater”, the audience will follow the friends in “Frozen” and the villagers of Arundale to share the story, singing and singing, and feeling the joyful ice and snow interactive performance. Two festival guides from Arundale will host the celebration and introduce each member of the musical. The famous Aisha, Anna and Christophe will join the event, welcoming visitors of all ages to sing along with their beloved “Frozen” music.

2.Thunder Mountain Rafting


The thrilling “Thunder Mountain Rafting” will carry visitors deep into the “Expedition Island” hinterland. The boat descended down the water, leading everyone through the unknown thrills, into the dark caves, to explore the secrets of ancient tribal legends and mysterious crawling behemoths. Only those who dare to venture into the mountains can meet mysterious crawling behemoths that are as big as buses, and even smell the special smell of breathing.

3.Flying over the horizon


Visitors who want to take a bird’s-eye view of the world or the sky will come to a world-famous journey in the fascinating “flying over the horizon”. “Hangxiang·Flying over the horizon” will lead the world’s most iconic landmarks and visit every continent. Starting from the observatory monuments in the cloud forest, visitors can soar in the sky and enjoy the wonders of the landscape, including the Shanghai skyline and the Great Wall of China. This is a family-friendly ride with original storylines, fresh experiences and a new round-the-world flight.

4.Extreme speed light wheel


With the world premiere of “Creating the Speed Wheel”, the “Tomorrow World” campus will showcase the future world depicted in the Disney film “Creation: Wars”. With the two-wheeled speed wheel, visitors will fly through the track under the magnificent dome, and the high-speed enters into a fantasy space with colorful lights, projections and sound effects. Visitors in the waiting area can watch the future world under the illusion of discoloration, and watch the speeding lightwheels flying past them with the most infectious music. The giant dome is undulating, and it will be shocked even in the distance. The dome is designed with a translucent material. When the extreme speed wheel whizzes past, the pulse on the car will be transmitted from the dome. The cool blue-green light strips shine in the whole dome, transforming different brilliance, such as the dragon tail, flipping around the “created square”.

5.Fantasia carousel


The unique “Fantasy Carousel” of Shanghai Disneyland will bring visitors the characters and symphonies in Disney’s legendary film Fantasia. Mickey, who is dressed as a magician apprentice, will also be a companion. This large carousel was created by Chinese craftsmen. The 72 gorgeous colors are beautifully intertwined. 62 Pegasus dads, Pegasus mothers and Pegasus babies and two carriages sway in it. Unlike the traditional medieval-style carousel in other Disney parks, this will be the first colorful carousel in the world of Disneyland.

6.Fairytale castle




“Fantasy Fairytale Castle” is not only the tallest building in Shanghai Disneyland, but also the world’s tallest, largest and most interactive Disney castle. It will become the most attractive destination in the park. Located in the heart of Shanghai Disneyland, the magnificent “Fantastic Fairytale Castle” will provide visitors with a variety of immersive experiences: an elegant à la carte service restaurant, a “fun change salon” that is loved by children, and others. Shopping and entertainment facilities. Unlike other Disney castles built for a princess, “Fantasy Fairytale Castle” will gather for the first time every princess born from Disney’s rich and timeless tradition.

7.Light up the dream: luminous phantom show


In my opinion, the most exciting thing about Disney is the fireworks show. When the night falls, the “Lighting the Dream: The Night Illusion Show” kicks off, and the spectacular performances of projection, laser and fireworks show the world’s largest Disney castle into a dreamy world of magic. The façade of the castle reflects a stunning new world full of colour and movement. In the “Night Light Phantom Show”, Mickey will discover that the magical spark ignited his imagination, allowing him to fly freely in the air. This is a journey that will make everyone light up their dreams and imaginations. The whole castle will be filled with dreamy and romantic atmosphere, suitable for watching fireworks with people you love.

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