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Seven Reasons To Travel To Detroit

1. A city that has never stopped moving forward
Talking about the spirit of Detroit, I had to mention the bronze sculpture built to commemorate the famous champion Joe Louis. The fist-shaped sculpture weighs 8,000 pounds and is about 24 feet long; the fist itself symbolizes the power of the heavyweight champion. Joe Louis is not only a well-known hero, but also a warrior who pursues racial equality for a lifetime. In addition to creating this fist-shaped sculpture, Detroit has built a second sculpture outside the Joe Louis Arena. Not only that, the image of Joe Louis also appeared in several murals in the city of Detroit.
There are Rocky in Philadelphia, Paul Revere in Boston, and Joe Louis in Detroit, each of whom has a personality that symbolizes the spirit of the city behind him. Like Joe Louis, Detroit Motorsport has faced difficulties and obstacles in its development, but it has never stopped moving forward.


2. The lively neighborhood is full of exotic style
Whether it’s the Greek town, the Mexican town or the Corktown, Detroit’s diverse and exotic neighborhoods can satisfy your multicultural pursuit. You can find the most authentic Mexican cuisine in the town of Mexico, and you can also find what you want in the Greek town. The oldest neighborhood in Detroit, Cook Town, is now on the National Register of Historic Places, with an unforgettable Irish flair.

Whether it’s a colorful terraced house or a popular store, it can give you a different feeling. Popular trendy shops include the Slows BAR BQ and the Sugar House, a centuries-old boutique cocktail bar.


3. Strong artistic atmosphereThe rapid development of Detroit has made it the second largest theater district in the country. Second only to New York, there are more than six theaters in the radius of less than two blocks in downtown Detroit. More than 13,000 people can watch the show at the same time. The Fox Theatre alone can accommodate 5,132 spectators.


4.4. Jazz, Motown, Soul, Blues
It is undeniable that the Detroit people are a group of people who are talented in music.
Detroit’s Motown is considered the birthplace of Motown Music, and Hitsville USA was previously a home-renovated studio where Berry Gordy opened a musical career for many of the biggest names in the music scene; now it has been transformed into The museum is open to the public and adults are $15 per person, but unfortunately it is forbidden to take pictures. Come here to visit you and have the opportunity to sing “My Girl” in the famous Studio A studio. The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Temptations, and Smokey Robinson have all made great music here, and of course you can see the white gloves and hats that Michael Jackson has worn. They are placed. Sealed in a glass cover.

Before the Motown music, there were jazz and blues, which were deeply influenced by the Detroit culture. The historic Baker’s Keyboard Lounge is the world’s oldest continuously operating jazz club, and has been known since 1934 for its outstanding jazz and blues performances. It is worth mentioning that it was also selected as the studio of the 2012 film “Sparkle” and Anita Baker’s music video “Same Ole Love”. location. The bar in the club is the shape of the piano, which is said to have inspired American pianist Liberace to transform his swimming pool in Beverly Hills’s residence into the same shape.

5. Wonderful sports events
The Detroit team, often used as a hottest team, is highly sought after by the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Lions, the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons. In addition to the city basketball team, the stadiums of other sports teams are located in the city center, with a radius of less than 5 miles between them. In addition, the Red Wing’s newly planned stadium, which can accommodate 18,000 people, broke ground in the past summer and is expected to open to 2017 sports fans in Ice Hockey (another name in Detroit).

As one of the 12 cities that can host all four top events, Detroit is always playing a wonderful game.


6. Gam here
The MGM Grand Detroit, the MotorCity Casino Hotel and the Greektown Casino Hotel are the three famous casino hotels in Detroit. As everyone knows, the dealer will never lose, so after watching the money flow into Canada’s Caesars Windsor, the three casino hotels opened in 2007 and 2008.


7. Detroit’s revival is just around the corner, with a lot of room for development
Do you think that the prices in New York and Los Angeles are beyond your imagination? Are you still struggling with not enough money to settle in Boston? Or is the Chicago real estate market vacillating in the wind that makes you feel insecure? Why not consider living in Detroit? ?
The report about investing in real estate in Detroit is real, but unfortunately, due to the bankruptcy of 20 billion foreign debts, the news says that the foreclosure is lost and more and more unemployment The people are also true. At present, Detroit is attracting a large number of young and professional urban populations to inject fresh vitality into urban development. For example, the Write A House project is a place for writers to write and live. Opportunity Detroit is a pioneering initiative to build an urban environment that attracts business people, residents and tourists. At the same time, such as the mortgage lending industry giant Quicken Loans is also introducing some preferential policies to attract people to live.


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