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Semporna – The Best Diving Destination

Semporna is a county in the province of Tawau, Sabah, located on the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia.

There are many islands in the Semporna area, most popular and with four islands: Bang Bang Island, Madin Island, Kapalai Island and Mabul Island. The styles of the four are different and suitable for tourists of different hobbies.


Bang Bang Island is petty: a typical private island with pure white sand beaches, beach houses and water bungalows. There are two resorts on the island.

The island of Madinna is original: the area is large, the island is lush with vegetation, there are no water houses, and only the cabins with sea and garden views are an excellent choice for deep diving.

Kapalai is romantic: it can’t be said to be an island in a strict sense. It is just a sandbar, and the resort here is made up of a log cabin built directly on the water. It is a honeymoon holy place sought after by couples.


Mabul Island is full of human touch; there are currently two water resorts in Mabu Island. Half of the island is a resort, and the other half is home to the original residents of the Bashu. The combination of the life and culture of the original inhabitants and other beautiful coastal scenery forms the unique scenery of Sempor. It is also the only island of the four islands with original residents, and the environment is relatively complicated.


In Semporna, of course you can’t miss diving. In the small fishing village of the Bayu, you can see the sea Gize people, and climb to see the panoramic view of the Shakaran Ocean Park. Snorkeling shows many small fish swimming in the coral colony. At Timbatamba Island, you can enjoy the island scenery with a perfect underwater environment. The best diving quality here is to enjoy the island scenery.

Tip: The overall number of local hotels is not very large. Most of the local hotels can be found through the mainstream travel booking website. If you choose to travel during the tourist season, please make sure the hotel is booked. If you choose to travel in the off-season, it is also feasible to go to the local area and then choose to compare.

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