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Sanya Tourism Raiders

Sanya is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province, located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island.Next, I will introduce the attractions of Sanya.

1.Daddy Island, the scenery is comparable to the beautiful island of Maldives
Daddy Island is a place where few tourists can set foot. It is located in Lingshui County, close to Nanwan Monkey Island. You can drive or take a taxi to Dangdao Island. The online ticket price is 88 yuan, including tickets for the hotel and tourist cars. Play on the island. With a coastline of 1.1 km and a 280-meter-long white sand beach, the island has a beautiful view of a private beach.


2.Lovers Bay, a charming sunset
Lovers Bay is located on the beach opposite the Xiaodonghai. It is a bay mostly for locals. Although the Lovers Bay is not too big, it has a more fascinating sunset than the surrounding bay. Most of it comes here to enjoy a magnificent sunset. Standing on the beach and looking at the line between the sea and the sky, the gentle sun shines on the sea, a beautiful scene with sparkling light.

The best time to enjoy the sunset is after the rain, and the sunset with the burning clouds is more beautiful. On the day we went, although it was after the rain, the dark clouds did not leave, so that we did not see the fire burning clouds. Fortunately, the scenery after the sunset was quite beautiful and quiet.

3.Houhai Village, secret and beautiful
Houhai Village is also called Tenghai Fishing Village. It is located near the pier of Wuzhizhou Island. This small beach is not even visited by many local people in Sanya. Although Houhai Village shares a sea area on Wuzhizhou Island, it is not here. Tickets are collected. After going to Houhai Village, you can navigate to Wuzhizhou Island Pier, and there is an asphalt road directly to the beach.

Walking on the beach of Houhai, there will be no more noise from many tourists, and even the feeling of enjoying this beach alone. The water quality here is very clear. It is said that it was the first place in the millennium to be sunlit. It was broadcasted on CCTV at that time. Nowadays, it is a rare and original beach.


4.The ancient city of Yazhou, a piece of pure land that has been forgotten
The ancient city of Yazhou is located in Yazhou Town, Yazhou District, Sanya. Its history can be traced back to the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Therefore, the ancient city of Yazhou is a veritable ancient city of Millennium, and it is a thousand-year-old city located at the southernmost tip of China. It has been the political and economic culture of Sanya since ancient times. The center, in the past, is also a prosperous ancient city, but there are very few people who come here today, losing the prosperity of the past.

After the ancient city of Yazhou, there is the Yacheng Academy, which is the Confucius Temple. It is understood that this temple was built during the Ming Dynasty. The Confucius Temple in the past is the highest school in the country. If you want to enter the Confucius Temple, there is no martial arts officer who needs to step down and enter the foot. At the height of the temple, Confucius Temple is a place dedicated to the Confucius of the First Division, enshrined in the Dacheng Hall of its core building.


5.Sea Silk Road, Yazhou Central Fishing Port
The Yazhou Central Fishing Port is located in Yazhou Town of Yazhou District, not too far from Baoping Village. It can be reached by bus No. 58. Yazhou Central Fishing Port is the largest fishing port market in Sanya and even Hainan. After four o’clock in the afternoon, it was the most lively time here. 

This is the largest seafood market in Sanya. Most of them are locals from Sanya or foreign tourists coming here. The seafood market is located on the edge of the pier. On one side is a quiet sea, and on the other side is a lively and counter-offer. There are many kinds of seafood, and they are all fresh seafood. If you like seafood, you may come here.


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