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Rovaniemi – The Hometown Of Santa Claus

Do you want to see Santa’s hometown?


If yes, please don’t miss Rovaniemi.
Rovaniemi is located in the Arctic Circle, 25°44° east longitude and 66°30’ north latitude. It is the capital of Lapland and is also known as the second capital of Finland.
Rovaniemi is known as the hometown of the Queen of the North and Santa Claus.
There is the famous Santa Claus Village. Every Christmas is approaching, an average of 30,000 letters a day come from all over the world, such as snow flakes, and millions of tourists come to the forefront to get close to the authentic Santa Claus from the Finnish Polar.
You can’t miss the Finnish Aurora Glass House. The Ice House Hotel is built for the Aurora, where you can get in touch with Aurora in all directions.
Besides,local shopping and food also attract a large number of tourists.
Warm tips:
1. Best time to travel: December and January. At this time, the sky in Rovaniemi will appear in the night, and the dark and clear sky just appreciates the magnificent Northern Lights.
2, famous attractions: Santa Claus Village, Christmas Paradise, Ranua Wildlife Park, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Onos Mountain Ski Center.
3, local cuisine: Finnish caviar (added yogurt and onion at the time of eating), autumn wild mushrooms, sweet and delicious salmon soup, tender cheese, etc., are very charming food.
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